Morning Meanderings…. and so this is Christmas…

There are certain times of year that make me a bit melancholy and for me and for many others, today is one of those times.

This morning I sit at my kitchen table in the stillness of the morning and close my eyes and remember.

I remember teasing with my mom that last year over silly putty she bought the boys… I remember riding snowmobile with my dad, and I remember… oh how I remember and miss my sister Tara.

The people of my heart may no longer be with me on earth…

but the memories remain…

forever and ever

and no one can change that.

My wish for all of you today is that your heart memories remain as fresh and real as the day they were made.Β  That you know that you are never alone and that many people care about you – some you may not even realize….

Today is Christmas.Β  May yours be filled with love, happiness, and joy.

Merry Christmas!

Sheila β™₯

51 Comments on “Morning Meanderings…. and so this is Christmas…

  1. Oh, I know what you mean! It’s times like these that do resurrect those poignant memories. Sometimes they show up in my dreams, too. I think of it as a “home movie” playing out for me.

    Merry Christmas, and may all of your memories bring you joy.

  2. I never knew that he also sing that song. I always hear Celine Dion Version.

    Hope you’ll have fun in this xmas, Sheila

  3. i too am the only surviving member of my immediate family…holidays can be very difficult especially with the media push of huge family gatherings, parties, etc
    peace and happiness to you

    • *hugs* to you Diana. Its a weird position to be in. I have been the last member of my family since I was 29.

      It really makes you appreciate those around you. Have a good Christmas!

  4. Hope you have a good day today, Sheila. And just keep in mind that you do have those wonderful memories to hold on to…..

  5. This is weird. I’m the end of the line in my family – nobody else left. Since my mother died 12/27/91, Christmas is a time I especially remember her and miss her but I have great memories. Merry Christmas, Sheila to you and yours.

  6. Your mom would be so proud of you and the amazing woman you’ve become. Enjoy the day with the boys! God bless!

  7. Have a very Merry Christmas Sheila! I hope the day is filled with everything you want.

  8. What a beautiful post, Sheila. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  9. Wishing you love and laughter and a joyous Christmas even while you miss and remember those of your heart. I still have my dad but I miss my mum terribly every day and especially at Christmas. Mum was like a little kid at Christmas making it such a special family time. Sending you {{hugs}} across the miles.

    • *hugs* back Sheree. Holidays are hard and I wish they were all still here and seeing my boys all grown up. I think that is the hardest.

      My mom sounds like she was like yours…. filled with fun and always went that extra mile to make things just right at this time of year.

  10. I’ve really enjoyed your blog over the past 12 months. Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas filled with love and hope. (and books!)

    • It is Carrie, and I only allow myself in the early morning to allow the grief in and then I move on. I almost changed this post this morning…. thought it might be a little too real…. but I left it and I am glad I did.

  11. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas day.

    I understand your post, yesterday I celebrated Christmas with my Mom who is in hospice. No worries though, we were blessed to be together yesterday.


  12. Much as I love Christmas, I do find it the time that I most miss my grandparents. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  13. Holidays can be hard when we’ve lost loved ones. I hope you enjoyed a peaceful day with your husband and boys. Your sentiments bring to mind that what is really important about the holidays is loving and appreciating our family and friends.

  14. What a beautiful Christmas wish. Thank you so much for the many ways that you share your good will. I hope your holiday weekend was full of warmth and joy.

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