Morning Meandering… Reading To Beat The Banned

Ok Ok… that was a little cheesy but I am trying to have a little fun with the word banned this week.  😛  I noticed that Natalie over at Mindful Musings has a wonderful post for banned and challenged books as well as links to other posts and giveaways around this topic.

Yesterdays trip to Barnes and Noble in St. Cloud was a lot of fun and I chatted with quite a few Minnesota authors.   Many of them will be at the Twin Cities Book Festival in October that we are doing the book blogger meet up at, so if you are in the area and able to join us, let me know.  I have information I can send you.

Of course… book stores and me mix together well and I did leave with several…. err…… ok, more than several books.

All but the bottom one are Minnesota Authors

Today Navy Son will be hanging out for the football game and for the entire day!    That will be a lot of fun!  He has been so busy since he got home and trying to get around to see everyone that this will be our first full day to hang out and catch up.  Of course during the game, while making shrimp chowder, I fully plan to read. 😀

Have an awesome Sunday everyone!

Why was J K Rowlings Harry Potter Series, banned?

JK Rowling, author of the wildly popular Harry Potter series, is sometimes referred to as the writer Americans would most like to see banned. According to librarian scientists, there were more than 3,000 attempts to have her books removed from U.S. libraries between 2000 and 2005 alone. Fanatics across the nation still claim that Rowling’s books promote the occult and Satanism.

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  1. Sounds like the makings of a great day! Sounds like your book stores jaunt yesterday went well, also. 🙂

    • It was a fun day yesterday too Hannah, the authors that were there were a lot of non fiction. Looking at the books I left with 7 of them are non fiction and or memoirs. 🙂

      • I was surprised Hannah, but most of the authors at the event (if not all) use North Star publishing out of St. Cloud. Maybe that is what they deal mostly in. I like non fiction but tend to need a break from the reality of it as reading non fiction book after book tends to wipe me out with the reality of what people go through. I have to break it up with fiction.

        Peter Rennebohm’s stories from the books I have in the stack are fiction suspense.

  2. I will still never, ever understand how people thought/and apparently still think Harry Potter is about Witchcraft and/or Satanism. I’m Catholic by the way.. and a story about a boy and his loved ones fighting against evil with such courage, friendship, and loyalty is DEFINITELY not Satanism.

    • Jillian, dont even get me started on that…LOL 😛

      I love the books, my boys loved the books, and as you will see in my review later this week of the audio Potter book I am listening too…. there are a lot of kids who started to love books and reading because of this series….

      oops…. I guess I got started all on my own. 😀

  3. I’m obviously a complete rebel and never even knew it – the number of banned books I’ve unwittingly read is unbelievable. Hoping you have a great day with Navyson.

  4. I have read HP and thought it was pure fantasy-even if it was about Witchcraft-do we really care?

    Sounds like you have had a fun weekend.

    • Esme, that’s the way I read it… it is a fantasy story. Neither I or my sons went out and tried to perform magic or ride a broom. 😛

  5. Morning, Sheila! Enjoy spending time with Navy Son while he is home. I look forward to seeing you at the Twin Cities Book Festival. Did you say that you had more information? Have a good day!

    • Hi Kathy – yes, I am creating a form (hopefully later today during the game) and sending it out to you and everyone else who is interested.

      I am still working on a couple things but for our first year, first get together I think we are doing pretty good! 😀

  6. One thing I noticed about the people who complained to us about having the Harry Potter books in our library – none of them had read any of the books. Most were parroting what their ministers had told them at church. Not one of them was making an informed decision based on fact. It is disturbing that people will mindlessly follow a leader and not think for themselves – a problem in more than just book banning. My own daughter had just joined a new church back when the Potter books first came out and said her kids wouldn’t be allowed to read them for all the anti-religious, wizardy, satanist reasons. My jaw dropped and I just looked at her. I sat her down and told her to think for a minute. She knew me, would I be recommending books that were like that? Was she thinking for herself or just repeating what someone with a religious agenda said? Some Catholic schools were using it in class as an example of friendship, good fighting against evil, etc. She has since changed her mind, and other than having the kids waiting to watch the later movies until they are older, has no problem with this series and others I have put before them.
    I think many people respond to someone in authority, especially in a religious position, without thinking. They must be right because they are a person of the church, or an educator, or whatever. Sorry, I don’t follow anyone that blindly. In dealing with complaints at the library, I pretty much did the same as I did with my daughter. I just ask them to think for themselves and read the book before condemning it. Funny how most of them no longer have a complaint afterwards.

    Amazing, THINKING usually solves the problem. Too bad more people don’t do it.

    • Pat, one of the last movies that came out I was taking my Kinship Partner Chance too (or maybe, honestly… he may have been taking me 😛 ) While waiting in line for our tickets I seen my Pastor and his son also waiting in line for tickets to the movie. 😀

  7. What fun you had at the bookstore! Don’t you love finding great titles?

    I found a book in my bookstore visits yesterday, but I’ll be talking about that one on my Monday Memes post.

    I was over at someone’s post, in which they’re talking about Peyton Place. Now I’m sure that one was on a banned books list at some point…maybe not anymore. But like most “forbidden” things, that only made us teens want to read it more.

    Now I want to reread it. I’m sure the parts we considered titillating back then…just aren’t anymore.

    • I really enjoyed talking with the authors Laurel! I thought I wouldn’t be that long but I talked my way through the entire two hour event. 😀

  8. I am so jealous of all the books you got at B&N. I told my husband all he should get me for Christmas this year is books! LOL 🙂

  9. Of course I had to rush over to Amazon to find out what After the Murder of My Son was about. Oh my gosh…that looks soooo good! Did you know it just came out September 12th? I’m so jealous.

    • Lynne, I actually cried when I spoke with that author…. it was her son. I told her that I was an emotional reader and asked her to sign a book for me.

    • Oh and Lynne – you would love Mistaken Identity too – check out that one online. I read the back on the book and literally said “oh wow!” out loud.

  10. Harry Potter promoting the occult and satanism? No way! The way I see it is they promote imagination and fun!

    People seriously need to lighten up…..

  11. My daughter has had a very challenging time learning to read due to dyslexia. But, the first book that she actually sat down to read on her own, not for school, just for pleasure was the first Harry Potter book and it made all the difference in the world. She now reads constantly and has overcome a lot of her problems.

    • Deb that is what I hear time and again. Both my sons couldnt wait to read the books. By the time book 4 came out we needed three copies in the house because none of us wanted to wait for the other to finish.

      Those are great memories for me and gave my boys a love for other books as well.

  12. Boy, it looks like you got some good books yesterday. Last night I started reading The Associate by John Grisham. It’s been years since I’ve read anything by him, kind of got burned out after reading one after another. I must say, this one is indeed a page turner. I was up at 4:30 this morning reading to see what happens next. Happy reading during the game, that’s my plan as well. By the way, thanks for sending the rain down to Charlotte. It’s pouring!

    • Jill I used to read everything Grisham wrote. I love court cases and always enjoyed his writing style. Enjoy! 😀

      Glad to help you with the rain Jill – sunny and 67 degrees here today. 😀

    • Thank you Staci… it feels like old times…. boys in the house watching football…. me cooking up some yummy fall time food like shrimp chowder and hot crusty bread. They yell at the tv and I smile while opening the pages to a book.

      My version of a Norman Rockwell moment. 🙂

  13. Occult and satanism, my foot. Will people even listen to themselves when they say that reason. It’s so funny to even think that kids are going to practice witchcraft after reading HP books. Those are one of the most wonderful books ever!

    • Aths, you will get no argument from me…. 😀 These books made my boys readers and opened me up to a whole new genre I never thought I would enjoy….

  14. I remember hearing about HP when it first being banned and I was just shocked considering how much it has done for readers.

    Hope you enjoy all of your new reads!

    • Ladytink I was too…. its funny because it was the “uproar” that got me reading them. I wanted to see what my kids were reading and I swear I wound up a bigger fan than they are of the books – and they love them!

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