Morning Meanderings…The “F” word is being dropped like a bomb over here!

GAH!  (Probably not the best first word of the day… but, ehhhhh).  The “GAH” is because I did it again.  I said the “F” word.  ANd for some reason I keep on saying it like I have a problem or something.  Seriously what is wrong with me?


(you knew that was where I was going right?)

Being a summer… I have to admit I am not a bit fan of the cooler mornings, the 50 and 60 degree temperatures, the longer leaved shirts and digging out the pants instead of Capri’s for work.  HOWEVER…. thanks to book lovers, there are some awesome happenings that kind of sort of make up a wee bit of ground with me.

Such as…

This weekend is the Blogfest.  I know right?  I must have just continuously been at the wrong place at the wrong time because I seriously missed out on all of this until the last couple days.  This takes place September 10-12.  I have linked to a list of participating blogs here so if you so choose you can stop on by.

AND then, of course there is Book Blogger Appreciation Week which is sooooo much fun!   And check out the super cool theme this year, A Treasure Chest of Infinite Books and Infinite Blogs.  SO COOL!  I love participating and saying “Hey!” to all my bloggy friends old and new by offering giveaways and fun posts right here during the very productive week on the blog, September13-17.

And (oh yes, there is more!!!!) Banned Books Week is coming up again and before you say I would never, could never read a banned book…. uhhh…. yeah, check out the list.  More than likely – you already have.  have you ever read a classic?  Chances are it was a banned book.  Have you ever read a Harry Potter book?  Banned! Banned! Banned!  Judy Blume?  Yup… her too.  Here is a list of banned books, but you can find lists and lists everywhere.   Check out the Banned Books site that is taking reviews of banned books.  I was invited to add my recent review of To Kill A Mockingbird to the blog.  Mark your calendars for September 25 – October 2 and maybe plan to read one or two during banned books week….bring out the rebel in you!

Then on October 9, the wonderful Dewey’s Read-A-Thon rolls out again for another fantastic 24 hour read a thon that includes great games and giveaways as well as a time to set aside and read and read and read…  check out the site.

For all you anti “F” word people such as myself, looking at these great events kind of eases the pain of fall right?  And even if you love fall… oh I know you are out there….  this is just a little icing on the cake then.  😀

Ok – for the record – I do not hate Fall.  BUT, in Minnesota, Fall is a prequel of what’s to come…. and if you think Fall causes me to sigh… wait until we get to Winter.  BRRRRRR!!!!!  😛

If I missed any events please let me know!  😀

49 Comments on “Morning Meanderings…The “F” word is being dropped like a bomb over here!

  1. I have to agree with you, I’m not looking forward to the season but there are a lot of events in the book blog world and this is the first month I’ve had to keep track of what I should be posting when. It makes up for the weather.

    • Exactly Charlie – I feel the same way. The fun events coming up make me look forward to the weeks ahead (even if they are chilly).

    • I like the colors Jo-Jo but not the cold and usually damp too around here. I always pray that we can get a bit of Indian Summer where it lasts longer ans stays warm. 🙂

    • Bluestocking I feel like I have been s busy this year that I missed a lot of summer. I cant believe it Fall already…. I want a “do-over”

  2. Yes, I knew exactly where you were headed with all that F-word talk. 😛

    I’m one of those people who love fall. I hate the heat, so fall and what it portends is an improvement to me. I’m looking forward to when I can wear my long sleeves and sweaters and shawls … 😀

  3. I’m the same way! I wish I could enjoy Fall because of the mild weather, but all I can think of is what is coming!! Yuck. You would think after living in St. Louis for 20 years I’d be able to forget that I was ever a southern California girl, but it ain’t happenin’! I’ll never get used to cold weather…*pout*

    • Lynne, I really love Minnesota from Spring through Fall (yes, in a way – even Fall) but Winter just keeps me indoors… I don’t like being cold, I don’t like the snow….. I need a winter home somewhere sunny….. 😛

  4. I too do not like the cooling weather and I’m dreading winter. Its just to long. But it sounds like some fun events are coming up so that should lift our spirits a little!
    Have a great day!
    Natalie :0)

    • Natalie – that’s exactly it – Winter is too long. Really it can be anywhere from 4 to 6 months here. We have had snow as early as October before and have it last into April – I kid you not. On the flip of that, we have had years where it doesn’t start until the end of December – and this year it was gone by the end of March! 😀

  5. Oh, I am one of those Lovin’ Fall creatures. I feel energized by the cooler temperatures, and even enjoy a little mist in the air!

    As a kid, we were still allowed to burn leaves, so that smell is in my sense memory.

    Thanks for sharing about the events….

    • Great kid memory Laurel – I remember my sister and I used to make houses out of the leaves… we would rake leaves into the shape of the rooms…. we could entertain ourselves for days with the leaves. 🙂

  6. I am without a doubt anti-winter and fall means shorter days-I have to think what time I leave the house for my evening rides so I do not get caught outside in the dark. Given NYC was the warmest weather I had this summer-I will be very ANTI-Fall-yesterday was freezing here.

  7. I live in the South where winters are mild compared to yours in Minnesota, I hate summer’s heat and prefer winter — I can at least put on extra layers to be warm, but there’s a limit to what I can take off during the summer to be cool.

    Fall and spring are sneezing seasons for me. Allergies are no fun for folks surrounded by grass and trees and weeds.

    • I would love mild winters Bonnie. Ours are usually intensely cold – we have several days that are easily 20 below zero and lower.

  8. There are so many big events coming up, I’m having a hard time keeping a grip on it all. I’m actually not participating in Blog Fest this time around, but I already have a few posts ready to go for Banned Book Week. It’s sad that there are still banned books, but it makes me feel like I’m sticking it to “the man” to read and post about these books! Oh, and of course, BBAW! I’m already discovering new AMAZING book blogs!!

    I love the fall…fall…fall…fall…probably my favorite of the F words! 🙂

    • Alison – that is so you…. “sticking it to the man”. LOL 😆

      I didn’t make the Blogfest either, by the time I heard about it the sign up was closed. Its just as well – I have an insanely busy weekend coming up.

  9. I live in Florida so I love Fall! You can go more miles on your bike, walk farther etc. because you don’t get so hot.

    I was raised in Ohio so I miss the winter. Freezing cold, blizzards, piles of snow, slick ice, scraping ice off of car windshields, snotty noses, car doors that won’t open because they’re frozen shut…I miss it all. My husband keeps telling me we can go visit when they’ve got lots of snow, but we haven’t yet. 😦

    • You miss it Vicki? Oh all of that you listed – yuck…. I hate to use the word hate but it kind of fits….. 😀

      And you are in Florida – maybe we should just house swap – say January? 😛

  10. I’m in California and even I’ve been dropping F bombs but okay I know we are weather wimps out here. Thanks for all the bookish links. I’m excited about the 24 hour readathon since last year I was on a business trip and couldn’t participate and this year I just might manage a way to do it!

    • I hope you can Kathleen – the Dewey read A Thon is so much fun! I got caught up in the online excitement last year but this time… I want to actually READ. 😛

  11. It’s the “A” word over here… Autumn! I love Autumn, it can make for some wonderful photos.

    All these events and stuff happening this weekend, next week and next weekend and I’ll be busy with a friend’s wedding (I’ve promised to help with any last minute things that crop up… and, as I’m sure you know, they will!). Can’t wait though 🙂

    One book just finished this evening, but which one to read next?! 🙂

    • Ooh Nikki -Ann I do love to chose the next book! Have fun with that and so cool you call it the “A” word. Someday, I hope I will too. 😀

  12. To me the “F” word means my hummingbirds will be leaving soon. It’s so lonely when they’re gone. I would dread Fall also if I lived in Minnesota, knowing what is just around the corner. Here in Charlotte we can golf all throughout the Winter. It’s nice. Not trying to rub it in or anything…. 🙂

    • Jill… I think you have an evil streak…LOL 😀

      Yes as the days get cooler I fear the inevitable…. my bike will be put away, I will be stuck in a gym instead of on the trail…. SIGH…. doing what I always do…. waiting for spring.

  13. Errrggg…winter. Being another Midwestern girl, I feel your pain. Just remember…spring follows winter, and spring is awesome.

  14. So many exciting events – I can’t wait. It definitely started feeling like fall in Wisconsin the last few days. I’m excited since I didn’t love how hot it’s been, but I’ll miss the summer so, so much.

  15. Understand your feeling about fall. We are the opposite. Ours is long and nice. I feel that way about spring thanks to our summers being so blasted hot.

  16. I can’t believe it’s already the tenth! You have to admit, though, we do have an awesome fall in MN…great colors, no humidity!!

  17. I loved setting up the Banned Book display for the library where I worked. People were always amazed by the titles on display and on the list. The great thing was most books didn’t stay on the display long. People would be checking them out.
    Fall is my time of the year, so I am looking forward to it. Of course in TN it lasts longer and the winters aren’t as bad as they are up north.
    I found the BLOGFEST last night. Fun, but I was up way too late into the morning and still have so many to visit. There is a BLOGOMANIA event later in the week and I am trying to figure out how I will actually accomplish something and visit the sites too.

    • Pat I love to wear my “I Read Banned Books” button to church. It is so worth the shock value. I think people think Banned Books and they think they are all filthy dirty books. When I tell them a few titles they are surprised. I also remind them that in come countries The Bible is a banned book. People have lost their lives for reading it.

      • Actually the Bible has been challenged and banned here in the US. It is good for them to see what books have been burned in this country as well as those that have had to be removed from schools and libraries. It is a wake-up call. It may not be something you would read, but that is your choice. Someone else should have the choice to read it if they want to.
        I did a display on the Second Amendment one year and had wonderful quotes up all over the library highlighting the importance of free access to all books.

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