Men and Dogs by Katie Crouch (audio review)

Hannah Legare finds herself back in her home town of Chareleston Harbor, South Carolina.  Her marriage is in a shambles and her business that once thrived is now looking at failing in the economy.  Taking time at home she starts to puzzle over the disappearance of her father that took place 20 years earlier.  She feels that there never was closure to this man who was her dad, and Hannah starts asking questions around town digging up old hurts and old relationships. As she searches for answers, she slowly begins to find herself.

Not this kind of men....

Not this kind of dog...

I had not read anything by Katie Crouch before but recall first becoming interested in her writing when I seen the book Girls In Trucks.  Another snappy title, and a fun cover but one I have yet to read.

I know going into this review I am going to struggle.  I listened to this on audio and I just found Hannah to be extremely unlikable.  Her problems in her marriage were brought on by her and her habit of falling in bed with other men.  She wined, she struggled with life, she was not a strong woman – and perhaps that is what bothered me most.  (I like strong women characters – I always have).

I thought we would find some sort of closure as I listened to this read but honestly I never felt it.  Hannah and her relationships with her family felt immature and I have to admit that for most of this audio I was just annoyed with this character.  I took a lot of time to write this review but my opinion has not changed, I just didn’t like it.

I have not read other reviews but they must be out there and I will gladly connect to your review if you have written one and I would love to hear if you had a better experience with this read.  The narrator was wonderful, and enjoyable, and I would still be interested in reading Girls In Trucks by this author.

I received this audio for review from Hachette Audio

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    • Laurel I just read your review. That’s what I am talking about, I hate to give a “meh” review because it is just a matter of opinion. I am glad you linked your review here as that gives another side to the same book/audio.

      You are right, I would have felt the same if I had read it, as I really did enjoy the narration.

  1. Hm. She definitely doesn’t sound very likable to me, either, based on your description. Is this book related to Girls in Trucks? The covers seem very similar to me — I guessed this was by that author, although I’ve read neither, based on the covers.

    • I believe the books are separate reads. Her choices in the book just bugged me to no end and she always needed someone to look out for her…

      I finished the audio about a month ago and it still kind of bugs me…. 😀

  2. Don’t waste your time on Girls in Trucks – You’re going to just read about another unlikeable TSTL drunk, addicted permiscuous character that wouldn’t know a good decision if it bit her!

  3. How very disappointing. I enjoyed Girls in Trucks and was looking forward to Men and Dogs.

    • Please read other reviews Elisabeth – I may be the exception here. It looked as thought the book rated above average on Amazon. 🙂

  4. I actually kind of liked this one on audio, but I have a friend that hated Girls in Trucks. She didn’t even finish it.

    • Jo-Jo I loved the narration of the audio. It’s one of those books I think that can go either way. I hate writing a poor review but like your friend, the story line wasn’t for me.

      Sometimes I have to remind myself that everything I read isn’t going to hit the “WOW” factor. 😀

  5. I sort of had the same feeling for her first book…Girls In Trucks…I loved it at the beginning and then just wanted to be done with it…

    • That’s what I’m picking up a bit here Patty in the comments. Good to know. If the books are similar in story line and it kind of sounds like they are, I would pass.

  6. Too bad this one didn’t work for you. Like you, I prefer strong female leads – or at least, if the lead is a bit despicable, I want it to be a purposeful nastiness.

    • Trisha, you made me laugh with your “purposeful nastiness” . I pictures a want ad for things you like in books….
      Hmmm…. that may be a post idea……

  7. Thanks for an honest review Sheila. I plan to check out the comments on Amazon. I haven’t read either book by Katie Crouch.

    • Jill I am glad that you are doing that. I am one opinion and there are many out there that really enjoyed the book and rated it highly. 🙂

  8. I didn’t read any great reviews of her first one so I was already reluctant to read this one.

  9. Sad to hear – I received this book in hardback today! I only started listening to books, having trouble keeping concentration. I think I just may be a visual reader!

  10. You don’t have to like every book you read. We all have different tastes and cant get excited about some books or just really don’t like some genres in general. That is what is so great about the publishing industry. There is something for everyone. I am sure as an author it must be hard when someone doesn’t like your work. As a reviewer, I would feel badly about writing something not positive about a book. Both need to step back, get some perspective and realize that it is OK not to like a book and OK if not everyone loves what you wrote.

    • I am getting back to that Pat. Before I knew about book blogging I wrote some harsh reviews (I even have an old review where I called the book a beach read – because it was ok if it was filled with sand and water. Seriously – I did that.

      When I started book blogging I tried too hard to make every review be a success and it took me awhile to find a happy medium. You are right, we are not going to love every book we read and thats ok. I would not want to read a book reviewers posts where every book was fantastic – I would start to wonder if they were being honest with me.

      While I try to choose my reads carefully – or at least more carefully then I used to, I am still going to get the ones that are either ok… or I can not finish. It doesn’t make them bad books – just not books for me. 🙂

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