Thumbing Through Thoreau – compiled by Kenny Luck

Years ago my book club dabbled in the words of Henry David Thoreau’s within the pages of Walden.  What a treat it was to have an opportunity to experience him here in this book, Thumbing Through Thoreau.


On July 4, 1835, when Henry David Thoreau moved into his cabin on the shores of Walden Pond, he was probably unaware that his abode in the woods, and the impact and influence of that endeavor, would forever echo through time. Thoreau was an uncompromising idealist; “The mass of men,” he famously wrote,”lead lives of quite desperation.” Yet the scope of Thoreau’s message is much wider than social criticism. He speaks of spiritual transcendence in Nature and the unbound potential of the individual. Thoreau is a dreamer and he speaks to dreamers. In a word, shun dogmatism and demagoguery; see beyond the immediate conventional religious explanations to reap a higher understanding. In our commodified contemporary American Society, with the rise of religious intolerance and fundamentalism, materialism and mass consumerism, Thoreau’s message is needed more than ever. Author Kenny Luck has thumbed through Thoreau’s voluminous journals, correspondences and other publications to make this the most comprehensive collection of Thoreau aphorisms available.

If you enjoy quotations , poetic words for thought, this book is worth your time.  Created from Thoreau’s journals and various writings, all placed into one book.  We all know Thoreau’s work even if we did not know it was his.  These quotes have stood the test of time and you will still find throughout modern literature today.

"What Nature is to the mind she is also to the body. As she feeds my imagination, she will feed my body..."  page 166
“What Nature is to the mind she is also to the body. As she feeds my imagination, she will feed my body…” page 166

Reading through this book was a refresher course in Thoreau.  I enjoyed reviewing my memories of quotes from Walden and was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this as I am not a big  poetry style reader.

This is a lovely gift book, or a coffee table book.  Its one that you will want to pull from the shelf again and again.

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Book Journey has updated the 2010 Reading map to include Thumbing Through Thoreau

I received my review copy from Tribute Books

21 thoughts on “Thumbing Through Thoreau – compiled by Kenny Luck

  1. I love some of those quotes, especially the one about “lives of quiet desperation.” That seems to some up the emotional lives of many….

    When I was reading the various books about Louisa May Alcott, I was reminded of Walden’s Pond, etc., as her father was part of that movement.

  2. I enjoy reading quotes here and there, but I’m not sure I could read an entire book on quotes, however they might prompt some story ideas. I think using it as a coffee table book is a great idea.

  3. Wonderful trailer. A calming experience that reminded me where I come from and how much things have changed. Thoreau has always been a touchstone author for me. That quiet solemnity of nature has always been at our core. It has gotten lost in all that has gone on in the past years. We are trying to work our way back to it.
    I need to get my copy of WALDEN out and this book is a MUST BUY. It will be my treat to myself when I see some progress being made, although it would probably be a help to getting things done. I think I know where my gift card is going to be used : )
    Thank you so much for bringing this book to my attention.

  4. Wow – thanks Sheila for being a part of ‘Thumbing Through Thoreau’s’ blog tour and for initiating such an interesting discussion on the book. I agree, I find the book reads best as a coffee table volume or a daily inspirational guide – where you can start your day with a quote worth pondering.

    Librarypat, I’m thrilled that you are going to purchase the book. I hope it you enjoy it. Thanks for your comments on the trailer – that is exactly the emotion we were hoping to achieve.

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