Morning Meanderings… HUNGRY for words

I am in a bookish mood.  Which… for me….can be dangerous.  I want to read, which is a good thing, but I want to read about everything I see.  I am very happy with my current read, Summer at Tiffany, but finishing up my review of Thumbing Through Thoreau last night left me hungry for words.  I want to finish Stop Laughing At Me, and get started on The Red Queen, and I have yet to read Linger but I want to…. and finish up my thoughts on Her Fearful Symmetry, and why have I waited so long to read Fallen…..


Well…. you are picking up what I am putting down.  I am in a reading frenzy.  Which actually is perfect as after my morning bike ride with Wendy at 8 am (goal:  32 miles and breakfast in between) and a brief stop at the bike shop, I am coming home to do some cleaning while listening to audio, and also some reading.  I have the house to myself today so after my initial break out this morning – I do not plan on leaving again.

And since I am hungry for words I will shoot off a couple other random things here –

This morning I signed up for Audiobook Community.  I haven’t really looked into it much yet but I do like audio.  I am also waiting patiently for the promise from Swaptree that they will soon be swapping audio books.   They originally said August 1, but it has yet to happen.

I also want to put in a little plug her for Kay Arthur’s book, Cinderella Society.  I read it last fall and really enjoyed it.  While emailing her last night I realized I never did really give a shout out to her book when it went live this spring.  So, check out my review of Cinderella Society and see if it is a fit for you.

FINALLY – finally.... I received this interesting email about the books our current and past two Presidents have read their first year in the office.  (Well, of course I was curious!)  As much as I wanted to believe that maybe at least one of these Presidents curled up in the oval office with something to the likes of The Hunger Games, dabbled back in the day with a little Harry Potter, or indulged in a great mystery like Shutter Island… this was not the case.  At least not in this document.

American Presidential Book Club

American Presidential Book Club

So that’s me for this morning.  Looking at what I have written I guess the word would be scattered… hmmm…. much like yesterday.  Perhaps a nice bike ride will cure me.  😀

12 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… HUNGRY for words

      1. It was Hannah – we had a great ride. You would think as many miles as we ride together we would run out of things to say. I always tell her that riding 32 miles is good, but talking for 32 miles – that’s the real challenge 🙂


  1. I can completely understand about being in a reading frenzy. I’m in a similar state myself. Having had little time to read during BlogHer last week, I’ve been making up for it by starting and finishing two books this week (that is a lot for me).

    Enjoy your reading time and your weekend!

    1. Thanks Melissa – I am in my cozy chair now surrounded by books. I am giving myself the afternoon to do some reading before I do some house work later today.

  2. I hope you have a great weekend! Reading frenzies can be very intriguing…especially if you fly through a lot of different books.

    I remember thinking the Cinderella Society sounded good, but maybe not something I’m in the mood for now.

    I just started Fly Away Home, after taking several days to finish The Position (check for my review.

    My grandson is here for a sleepover, because yesterday was his mommy’s birthday (imagine that! Friday the 13th birthday, and she was actually born on a Friday the 13th).

    1. Wowe Laurel I must be missing a lot lately – I didnt even think once about yesterday being Friday the 13th. I could have planned my posts so different – LOL

  3. Do you ever feel like you have a million things you want to do on the weekend and a million things you have to do on the weekend and the have to do always wins? I feel like I need to pack so many things into two days. We should have five day weekends and two day work weeks….that would solve my dilemma. 🙂 Have a great weekend Sheila! Happy Reading!

  4. Interesting presidential lists. I will say the Bush list was a bit surprising in some ways.
    I know what you mean about about being in a bookish mood. I have so many books on the shelf that I can’t wait to read, but there isn’t time at the moment. I need to focus on the house and if I start any of them, I’ll be sitting and reading.
    My time on the computer eats into work time enough as it is.
    Wish I could listen to audio books while I work. I don’t like being shut off from the world by a head set. I don’t stay in one room long enough to listen.

    1. Pat I still am craving books but having trouble sitting still with them…. the audio works well for me while cooking and cleaning – I can turn it up loud enough to be heard on the same floor or the house and if I move downstairs I haul it with me. 😀

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