Step On A Crack by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge (audio)

Step on a crack is the first in the series surrounding the Michael Bennett family.  Michael is not your usual run of the mill detective.  What might set Michael apart is first and foremost he is the father of ten adopted kids from ages 3 to 12.    Secondly while trying to keep New York safe, he is also trying to manage his home life and his breaking heart as his wife, the love of his life, is dying of cancer in the hospital.

Patterson does know how to weave an interesting tale doesn’t he?

But wait – there’s more…

In the midst of Mike Bennett’s already chaos of a life, the former first lady is poisoned and while St. Patrick’s Cathedral is filled to capacity with Government leaders and celebrity mourning this loss… the entire congregation is kidnapped at the hands of a group of unknown gunmen.  All this is happening right in Bennett’s back yard.

St Patrick's Cathedral in New York

Life….  it’s never dull.

This is the first book in the Michael Bennett series and if you have followed my reviews for any amount of time you may be aware that yes, I read (or listened) to them in the wrong order.  I have already listened to and reviewed Run For Your Life and Worst Case. I loved them both, and this one, the one I should have listened to first, is no exception.

It’s hard to explain what I really find in good audio – but this is it.  The narrators, John Slattery and Reg Rogers lead you into a full body sense of suspense when they alternate the voices between good guy Bennett, and the eerie flat tone  of the man known only as Jack.

A good story line – I enjoy the tameness a family man like Bennett brings to a genre that on occasion can be harsh – even offensive.  yet at the same time – this story is not weak by no means.  I bounced between the intensiveness of the kidnapping a church filled with well-known people… and the story line between Mike and his wife Maeve from the hospital bed.  The latter causing me to sit in my car while parked in the garage to listen a little longer to their conversations with tears hitting my steering wheel.

I have raved about Patterson’s audio before and I am doing it again.  Don’t write off audio until you have experienced one of Patterson’s recent audio – and even if you are not a Patterson fan, do not write off Patterson until you have read/listened to,  this series.

In a word:  Intense.

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Book Journey has updated the 2010 reading map to include Step On A Crack

For those in the New York area, like Mike Bennett, and hanging out by St Patrick’s Cathedral,be sure to take the short walk over to Candle Cafe for a great cup of coffee and a delicious bite to eat.

Cover Story:  It holds mystery and fits well with the other two covers of the books so far in the series.  I am not really sure what the theme is though.  Is it a carving off a building?  Is it part of the cathedral itself as that is in all three books?  I do not know.

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11 thoughts on “Step On A Crack by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge (audio)

    1. Hannah – yes! I thought you had. This would be a good series to start with. He has some older stuff I did not like but I am enjoying his more recent publishing’s. 🙂

  1. I’m still not sold on audio, but I do like this series with Michael Bennett. I’ve also read them out of order…I’ve only read Run For Your Life, but I have Worst Case on my stacks.

    I’m now wondering if I should read Step On a Crack before Worst Case…or if it matters. Hmm…

    1. Laurel, so you did what I did – you started with the middle one. (I think this is because that’s the way it was offered from Hachette….)
      It doesn’t really matter which way you go and I guess maybe I would lean towards doing it the way I did and go with Worst Case next as that follows Run For Your Life. The crimes are all different, it is only the family story line that continues to thread through the books.

  2. I have enjoyed many Patterson books on audio. The Bennett series is one I’ve not yet listened to. The only one of his books I couldn’t make it through was SWIMSUIT. It truly upset me to the point of nightmares. We never finished the first disc. Very disturbing, especially since I know there really are people like that out there.
    I have read one of his books, JESTER. I liked the story, but didn’t like reading it. I know many people like his books because of the short chapters which make it seem to move faster. To me, it made the story seem more choppy.
    He still puts out some great stories.

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