Morning Meanderings…. the best laid plans

Ahhh…. the best laid plans.  After completing all my little errands yesterday around town, shopping for our trip to the cabin, loading the bikes on the rack, filling the cooler with all our refrigerator items, and 40 pounds of ice…. we had to cancel.

The plan was that I would get everything ready to go, Al would work in the office and prep to leave the business for the weekend, and we would meet back at the house early afternoon and hit the road.  About 4:00 pm I sent a text to my husband seeing when we were leaving.  He called me back and we had a snag in our plan.  A dump truck we had purchased and had been waiting to be delivered was coming through Duluth on Saturday and would need to be picked up by us and brought to Brainerd.  This piece of equipment is important to the current state job we are doing…so alas, we had to wave the white flag and change our plan.

I am not really too bummed…. yes for the cabin and for the relaxation but this has happened before and I have kind of learned to roll with the waves.   🙂   Instead we ate a late dinner at home, I watched a somewhat odd Lifetime movie and went to bed.

So plan B.  I am hitting the gym this morning and then probably driving with Al to Duluth to get the truck.  I have been bribed with lunch and a book store stop.  I am still in need of a copy of The Color Purple so I am all about the book store stop.  Maybe later I will take Chance to a movie or take a bike ride.

There’s a big bike ride in the area tomorrow that I have had my eye on.  Tour of Saints is a ride I do almost every year and this year because of our cabin plans I didn’t sign up.  I am watching the weather for tomorrow – chance of rain, but if it clears I may go do that ride…. maybe.  🙂

Here is the song in my head today…. it brings back memories of my best friend Traci in high school and road tripping to Cambridge Minnesota to see her family.  We would be in her old mustang that we fondly called “Rustang” because of all the rust and this may have been the song we blared out of the speakers.

Have an awesome day everyone!  😀

30 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. the best laid plans

    1. love your attitude!!! because really…where would sulking gotten you??
      your hubby is smart…he would never have offered a bookstore stop because he thinks i have too many i haven’t read……which is true but what’s his point?!
      enjoy your day!

    2. Diana – LOL …. it is true 🙂 And you are right where does sulking get me? Its not like it was his ideal weekend plan either 🙂

      Its all good – I have plenty to keep my busy around here! 😀

  1. Oh, that’s too bad, but I like the way you’re able to “reframe” your weekend plans.

    I’m curious as to which odd Lifetime movie you saw? I wonder if it’s one that I recorded last night…Hmm.

    Great tune! There’s nothing better than music for getting us into a better mood.

    1. Laurel I always have something I can do…. instead we did Duluth and are having dinner with friends tonight.

      The Lifetime movie was something about a women who was divorced and she thought it was her ex husband stalking her but it was a co worker, then he dies (the co worker) and now is haunting her…. started out good and then got odd – fast.

  2. I love your attitude! No need to get upset over the things you can’t control, though, so way to go with the flow!

    I’m laughing that you actually think you’re gong to leave the book store with only one book – even if it is The Color Purple!

    I haven’t read that book since college…hm, I think I might have to join you…

    1. Alison – I’m Still Standing…. (LOL!)

      You should join in on the Color Purple read a long Alison that would be fun! 😀 I linked to it a few morning meanderings ago! AND- I found the book at B & N for $4.88! WOO HOO! 😀

  3. Our plans for yesterday (and some of today) changed, too — friends from faraway texted from the road and said they were coming through and wondered if they could see us. Always the best kind of surprise! 😀

    1. Hannah, plans are always changing and how cool you have friends stopping in! 🙂 We are going to go to a friends house for dinner – we are going to grill and I told her I would bring the chicken as I had it purchased for the cabin.

      This will be fun to chat and relax with friends – I hope you have a wonderful time as well. 🙂

      1. Yes, it was awesome to see them! We went out to dinner, Maisie got to play with their two dogs, and we fixed them breakfast before they left. It was a great time and a welcome interruption. 😀

        Glad you’re able to go with the flow and still have a great, relaxing weekend as well.

  4. Sorry your plans got put off, but it seems like you’ll still have a great weekend.

    I DVR Lifetime and Hallmark movies almost every night! I love them.

    1. Thanks Vicki – today was gorgeous and I did have fun road tripping and book shopping 🙂

      I usually like Lifetime movies too but this one was a bit … hmmm…. odd. 😀

  5. My husband has been self-employed forever and I’ve become more used to cancellations than actually going through with plans. Getting him out of his machine shop is like pulling teeth with ginormous roots. 😀 Anyway, I always have backup plans for myself if we stay at home.

    1. Ahhhh Barbara – you know my life well. 🙂 I learned a long time ago it did no good to get upset, which I used to do often. I always kow now that cancellations are possible no matter how great our intentions are.

      I too have back up plans in place – and I think us readers usually do 🙂

  6. Aww … sorry for the change in plans, but I always think these sorts of changes are meant to put us where we need to be at that particular time, even if we don’t know it. Sounds like you’ll have a good weekend regardless … and any Plan B that includes a bookstore stop has to be pretty good!

    1. Melissa – it would have been nice to go, we have wonderful neighbors their and would be fun to see them, but – another time. This time of year is so busy with our line of work that it is hard to get away and we do most of our traveling and adventures in the winter months. 🙂

  7. Sorry you couldn’t make it. We’ve been wondering when you would be coming. Bay Days is July 23-24. Our daughter is planning on coming then. It’s been hot in the mid eighties for too long. We need rain, hopefully tonight and tomorrow.

    1. Hi Judy – I am really going to try to be there for Bay Days. The girls cant make it this year – they have reunions and family stuff so hopefully AL and I can come, but if he cant I still may. Its been too long!

  8. High School in 1983, oh, I feel so old. (OK, so I just reread it and you may not have been in High School in ’83) By then I had been married 11 years and had just had our third and last child.

    I can’t count the number of last minute changes of plans we have made. The military life necessitated that. Flexible is good. If you don’t learn to bend, you break and are not happy. Doesn’t mean you are happy about it (we had to change the date of our wedding thanks to Uncle Sam), but there are always other adventures to pursue. So you didn’t get to the cabin, you will get THE COLOR PRUPLE and may get a bike ride out of the change. The cabin will still be there and the next planned trip could be even better.

    1. LOL Pat – yes, 1982, sophomore in high school. I graduated in 1985 🙂

      I am used to the changes Pat and its all good 🙂 AND I did get the Color Purple 🙂

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