Morning Meanderings…

I am in a bit of a crunch week.  Actually a crunch double week.  At work, we have our annual meeting coming up on Monday evening.  This week has been dedicated to prepping the annual report, entering survey results for about 400 responses, agenda prep, and trying to keep up on the basics as well.  Going into next week we are planning our annual potluck picnic that this year will take place on July 4th.  This has resulted in meetings the past 3 weeks planning the food prep, and more.  Gah. This too will pass.

So… to lighten the office mood I created a little stress reliever yesterday:

I told everyone who works in the office that it was fair game to whoever needed it.  I just sat it out on the counter and left it.  😀

Today work – blade – and tonight read.  Hope your day is super!

29 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…

  1. So…I’m curious. Did anyone go for it? If not, I’ll bet a lot of people were eying it and thinking about it.

    I can’t remember the last time I had a Snickers bar, but now I’ll be thinking about it all day! Thanks, Sheila. lol

    Actually, my all-time favorite candy bar is Almond Joy. In college, there was a little snack wagon near the library and we used to hit it up a few times a week. Coconuts with chocolate…yummy!

    Have a great day, and try not to think about chocolate! Ha-ha.

  2. I wonder who will take it? I wonder if they will do it secretly? You may never know who snatches the Snickers. Perhaps you should plant a “Nanny Cam” in your office. 🙂 I love Snickers frozen, especially in the summer.

    1. Who snatches the snickers Jill? Love it. As of 5:30 today… it is still there. HOWEVER – I now have to work tomorrow when I wasn’t planning on it so……..

      we shall see. 😉

    1. I think now everyone is trying to be the “stronger” person Jill…. like they are too good for the snickers. I know better… no one is too good for Snickers.

      LOL 😀

  3. Hi Sheila !
    I have got some great news…….the interview went great and I have been admitted to the Theological Institute ‘with flying colors’ !!!!!!!!!!
    My classes began yesterday and I am on top of the world. ( YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!! )

    Reading books on Theology……..I am swimming in them to be precise.

    Take care and have a peaceful evening reading !

  4. Funny, but we always had Snickers in some size at the library for staff. Most of the time, it was the little bite sized ones. Just enough to help you make it a little longer and not enough to get your fingers dirty or have patrons realize you are sneaking candy. Our boss at the time didn’t have a problem with it. As a matter of fact, her husband was the chief Snicker provider.

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