Chosen: House Of Night by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast (Audio)

Zoey Redbird really has her hand’s full.  As a fledgling vampyre, living at the House Of Night, a school for teens like herself, she couldn’t be more stretched.  Her Grandmother is doting, her mother is not understanding this “choice” Zoey has made, her boyfriend …well seriously, that’s a whole other issue, and her best friend is dead.  Or is she?

This audio was a genre stretch for me.  Yes I like YA reads, but I have not  dabbled too much in the paranormal.   I find that if I am going to tackle a difficult story or a genre I may or may not like, audio can help pave the way.  When I picked this one out at, I did not realize I was stepping into the middle of a series, book 3 of 7, to be exact.

*sigh*  Rookie error…. always, always, check the books (especially YA, to make sure you are starting with book one)

Honestly, I didn’t think I would really enjoy this audio but I wanted to give it a try.  I liked the voice of narrator Edwina Wren right from the start.  Edwina really captures an amazing voice for Zoey.  Youthful, bored, overwhelmed…. I can hear it.  Edwina handles the other characters in this audio with a smooth ease, changing from one voice to the other, in a distinct manner and I immediately knew who was speaking.

I have to admit, I seem to have a preference for male narrators, especially when there is many voice changes.  Women narrators tend to struggle with the male voice parts and it comes off as sounding fake or forced.   Edwina handles the voice changes so smoothly I didn’t even think about the male voices.

And as I listened to this audio that I was not going to like… I started to really like it.  I liked Zoey, even when she irritated me with her boyfriend issues.  I laughed as she struggled with what she sarcastically called “Birthmas”, the combination gifts she seemed to always receive because her birthday was so close to Christmas.   She could almost guarantee that gifts for her birthday would b wrapped in festive reds and greens and a snowman – well that was just a bonus.

There were parts that I didn’t enjoy – for one, too much talk of blood for my liking.  Secondly, too much “sexual action,”, with more than one boyfriend, Zoey does have some issues she really needs to work out.   I can see where the appeal to YA’s would be;  I am just not sure where I stand in the midst of a well read, mostly appealing audio.

So here is a dilemma for me… I landed almost  in the middle of this 7 book series.  They are in order:  Marked, Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed, Hunted, Tempted, and Burned. (Here is a link) Do I back track?  Do I move forward from here?  Or can I just walk away from the series leaving Zoey to the next phase, the next battle… without me?

Book Journey’s map has been updated to include Chosen

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Cover Story:  I like it a lot.  It holds a mystery and is applicable to the story itself

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22 thoughts on “Chosen: House Of Night by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast (Audio)

  1. To be honest, I think the earlier books in the series are better… I’d go back and read (or listen) to those first before marching onward.

    1. I kind of wondered Madigan if the series didn’t get darker as the books went on. The beginning of this audio was pretty mellow but towards the end it bugged me. If this is what is happening by book 3… I cant imagine where they can go by book 7!

  2. I’ve heard a lot about this series, good and bad, the bad mostly stems from all the action Zoey is getting.

    I say, if you liked it enough to want to listen/read more I’d backtrack and read the first books, if not I’d abandon it all.

  3. I have Marked sitting on my shelf but haven’t started reading it yet. And I would probably have an anxiety attack if I started a series in the middle. I’m a bit anal retentive about things like that. : ) If you do decide to keep reading, do it in order! You crazy woman.

  4. Pretty much agreeing with everyone else here. If it’s a series you want to read, go back and start at the beginning, if not, walk away. I am just refining the art of walking away from a series I don’t want to read – it’s very liberating!

    1. Kylie – I hear you. I hate to give up on the good storyline but so many books out there that I do not have to pick and choose what I like about them…. I think I am going to walk away. Head held high…. neck intact.


  5. This one would be a stretch for me as well– I see some appeal, and that it might work for me, but I’m not quite certain.

    I am glad to hear the audio production works well, if I do decide to try them.

  6. Fiza Pathan

    Hi Sheila !
    I have read all the books in this series and although I am a vampire freak, I did not care much for it. I like my vamps to be mysterious……..not having issues about life like me (like don’t I get that everyday). The first few books are good but then it gets awfully predictable towards the end and thats a way big ‘no-no’ for me.The only reason I went through all these books is because of my obsession with not leaving a series incomplete.
    Give me a Dracula anyday…….there is more blood there besides !

    Don’t waste your time on this Sheila…..especially if you do not enjoy the genre.

    But I loved your review !

    1. Thanks Fiza – I kind of wondered even with book three how they would stretch this out for four more books.

      I am out, I gave it a try – it didn’t stick. 🙂

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  8. librarypat

    If you liked it , either read or listen to the rest of the books. For myself, I would go back and pick up books 1 & 2 before moving on. I just like to a series in sequence. Things tend to make more sense.

    1. Pat, I was sure I was done with this series but the way it left me hanging in this one I am curious about what happened to a few of the characters. GAH!

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