Morning Meanderings…

This one is a brief one… I was hoping to have more time this morning, but I am not at home, stayed over night for our homeless program and have been running since 6 am.  I am cleaning up here and then on the trail with my friends for a morning bike ride and then a late breakfast to catch up and chat.

I will be back later with a review and maybe a giveaway…. have a few I need to get posted.  Have a wonderful start to your weekend.   Any fun plans?

Oh… I will leave you with this picture.  This is what happens at my house if I bring the laundry upstairs but do not fold it and put it away right away:

46 Comments on “Morning Meanderings…

  1. Lol, love the picture. Is it your dog’s way of telling you that you have a job to do.

    • Thanks Laurel! It is the first time he has done that – not the first time I have set the laundry on the couch. but the first time he climbed into it!

  2. If there’s one thing dogs know better than we do, it’s how to get really comfortable.

    • They are very wise in their ways Barbara… maybe I should climb into the laundry basket and see what I am missing? 😉

  3. Yup, I have a few animals that would do that too. Animals seem to gravitate to clean laundry!

      • No they know it annoys the heck out of their humans and they do it for the laughs! My dad left a basket of laundry on the dining room table and there were two cats on it earlier. Thankfully the dog doesn’t come upstairs much or he’d be on the baskets too.

  4. There is just something appealing about warm unfolded laundry…Lucy…my Tonkinese…does the exact same thing except that she buries herself under the clothes…I have to fold around her…

  5. Hi Sheila !
    Cute dog. I am a ‘cat person’ however. (got 3 of them in and around the house)
    This weekend is going to be a hectic one for me ; I have to attend a function and have to meet a priest for my Theology degree which starts this year. Lets say it is a sort of an interview and I am totally anxious……if I pass this…….I am one step closer to my dream of becoming a Theologian.
    My tutoring classes have started and the kids are wild this year……..the saving grace is they love to read.
    Lots of books to read but all are Hindi fiction.
    Enjoy your day !

    • Wow Fiza I did not know you were studying theology! How interesting! Keep me informed of how you are doing please! 🙂

      • Sure ! It is strange I did not mention it earlier. It has been a childhood vision to study religion and philosophies of different religions thanks to my uncle and mother.It is one of the best fields of study I have come across, and its so fulfilling.Christian doctrine is good reading as well as some of the early Christian writers……and the history behind different cultures is fascinating.

        In short……..I LOVE IT……although my college professors feel that I should go in for a masters in Sociology or Psychology…….but…..where the heart goes, there I go !

        Whats your dog doing ? My cats are admiring your background color over my shoulder !!!

  6. What? You mean you didn’t put that basket of warm laundry out for your sweet little dog? LOL

  7. My dog loves to get in the laundry too. I guess it’s got lots of “cush”.

  8. That is a pooch with excellent taste. What’s more comfy than a pile of warm, clean clothes that still smells faintly of the people you love?

    • ahhh M.L. that is so sweet if I hadnt already folded the clothes I would be putting him back in the basket 🙂

  9. Bailey is ADORABLE!! My neighbors have the same dogs. Once is blonde like Bailey and the other is black and white. Their names are Buddy and Sassy…..such a cute breed! Happy Trails!

    • Thanks Jill… see how he looks away from the camera? He knows he is not where he should be. 🙂

  10. funny, my dog loves the DIRTY laundry pile……guess it really smells of us!

  11. My dogs are too big to get into the laundry basket. It is always the cats that do it.
    I try to make sure no dirty laundry sits out where they can get to it. They have a really bad habit of deciding it is a litter box.

    • That is so funny isnt it Jamie? The whole house is available with sleepy nooks and they choose the laundry basket!

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