The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand – Giveaway!

Thank you to Hachette for this opportunity to give away three copies of this book!


Greg and Tess MacAvoy are one of four prominent Nantucket couples who count each other as best friends. As pillars of their close-knit community, the MacAvoys, Kapenashes, Drakes, and Wheelers are important to their friends and neighbors, and especially to each other. But just before the beginning of another idyllic summer, Greg and Tess are killed when their boat capsizes during an anniversary sail. As the warm weather approaches and the island mourns their loss, nothing can prepare the MacAvoy’s closest friends for what will be revealed.

How To Enter this Giveaway

I love a good summer read!  To enter this giveaway please leave a comment here letting me know your ideal summer getaway with a book.    (You much complete this task to be entered)

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This giveaway will end on July 1.  USA and Canada entrants only please.

88 thoughts on “The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand – Giveaway!

  1. My favorite summer getaway that involves books is going to the beach (big surprise, right!). I have such great memories of laying out on the beach with a wonderful, absorbing book and listening to the waves and the seagulls while I relax. I just can’t think how you can beat that!

  2. I actually have 2 favorite summer getaways with a book. One is right on my very own deck. I know that’s not fancy, but I just love sitting out there reading in the sun! The other is sitting on the beach, so I can cool off in the lake.


  3. I love going to this one local park – you can sit in the shade or the sun and there is a beautiful water feature to contemplate when the book is making you think.

  4. I am an e-mail subscriber.
    Also I love Nantucket. I read about for years because my mother’s family were some of the original settlers and then got to visit a few years ago. Reading this book would be like a return visit.

  5. I love taking a towel, placing it on the sand on the beach and just read until I have to go home. The best time is when you can read until the sun starts to set and watch the sun go down after a great book.

  6. If I had a large porch I would love to sit on a porch swing and read. Or, if I had a bay window I would love to crawl up into the window and read. But since I don’t have either of those I guess I’m just happy anywhere as long as I can have a book in hand. 🙂

    Cindy W

  7. A beach, a chair and a couple of books is my ideal vacation.
    All of Elin’s books I’ve read so far have been enjoyable.

  8. Ideal summer getaway…Nantucket! I’ve always wanted to go. I have a few Elin Hilderbrand books I’ve yet to read, and this one sounds so great!

  9. I love to read in the summer by a bubbling creek in the mountains. It is so cool, quiet and mesmerizing as you read by the bubbling sound of the creek.

  10. I love love love the beach, but not for reading. When I’m at the beach, I’m too busy body surfing, wave jumping, and exploring to read.

    No, my favorite summer getaway with a book would have to be laying in bed with the fan turned on full blast, and a tall cold drink (preferably something fruity!) close at hand. It’s the only respite from those 100+ degree days!

  11. I love sitting in the shade of my big oak trees while sipping a cool glass of iced tea and reading a good book.

  12. My ideal getaway? My picnic table. It’s located at the top of my driveway. I can see three different mountain ranges from this vantage point. I love to get to a thoughtful spot, out the book down, take a sip of whatever I’m drinking, and gaze out at the beautiful western mountains of Maine. I’d love a great summer read to add to my pile!

    hderaps @ mbrsd . org

  13. One of my favorite getaways is right on the back patio, the chairs are perfect for my arms while holding a book! And although I don’t fly somewhere every summer, I always like to have a good read on an airplane.

  14. Sonoma Valley California would be my dream area to go for a great getaway but because it isn’t economically a reality it would be Lake Geneva ,Wisconsin.
    Sitting out by the lake.

  15. I am a subscriber and I will be blogging about your giveaway tonight on my blog!

    I will be at my favorite book getaway very soon…a hammock at a beach house on the Outer Banks! Love the sea wind in my hair, the sound of the tide on the shore, and the carefree time to read!

  16. My ideal summer getaway would be Ocean Isles, NC, in a condo on the beach, with a nice deck to sit and listen to the waves, while reading … a good beach read like “Just Breathe” by Susan Wiggs or “The Island” by Elin Hilderbrand. I’d love to be entered in this giveaway for her latest book. Thank you!



  17. I have to pick one??? Right now, with the kids wanting to hang with friends all the time, my favorite spot is either on my deck in my favorite reclining chair or in my big comfy bed with the A/C blasting! I’m not a heat & sun person.

    My other choice would be up the mountains, on a little beach under a shady tree while the kids are playing in the lake.

    This would be the perfect book for any of those places too!

  18. I’d like to say the beach, because it’s my favorite place in the world to be. But really, my favorite place to read is on the deck of a condo in Breckenridge, CO looking out at the mountains while my hubby has the kids any where else!

    I’m a follower.

  19. We just got back from a vacation in Florida. I brought books with me and bought books there and didn’t get any reading done. We did listen to THE HELP on the drive.
    My ideal vacation with a summer read would be to the mountains. I like to bring books that are set in the area we are visiting. (That is probably why I didn’t read much this trip. I couldn’t find any books set where we were going.)
    Bookwise, we had the perfect vacation about 6 years ago. We went to Maine and stayed at the Sugarloaf lodge. Loved it. At the time I had discovered Janet Chapman and her Highlander books. I had already read the first 3 and just found the 4th. I read all four books to my husband on the trip up and while we were driving around. The books are set in the area we were visiting and it was fun seeing places mentioned.
    Whenever we travel, I try to get books that take place in or are about the area we are visiting. It gives insight into the area and makes the books come alive.

  20. Hi Sheila !
    My favorite summer getaway with a book would be, my maternal aunts home surrounded by her miniature gardens as well as the other rose gardens which surround her home. The smell of flowers and the bright summer sun over my head with a book of poems is my idea of a summer getaway…………coffee has recently been added as another accessory to this scene……..

  21. I love the beach, but am not really into the typical “beach reads.” I also love to read a good novel in my hammock under the shade tree; this usually ends up with my falling asleep!

  22. My favorite place to read in summer is Killarney Lodge in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario. We rent a cabin with a lovely porch overlooking the lake, a friendly chipmunk keeps us company (if we have peanuts), and there is no TV at the resort so it’s peaceful. We can canoe when we tire of reading.

  23. my ideal summer getaway with a book would be to go to an island, e.g. Jamaica, where I would lay out on the beach in a lounge chair with the clear blue water nearby lapping in the sand. It would be so relaxing to
    have a really good book to read out there and to be able to snooze a little, and then wake up and read again. I’ve done this before and it felt so good and peaceful!!!!!!!

  24. My ideal summer getaway would be to take an RV and my family on a road trip through America:) Getting to see all the beautiful and historic places in the world. The reason why I say an RV is that besides ‘getting there is half the fun’ is because I have always wanted one:) And I would take a bagful of my TBR pile with me for those late nights that the hubby is driving and the kids are asleep:)

  25. My parents own a cabin on a small island in the puget sound. It is the perfect summer getaway. It is about 90 minutes from Seattle. I load up the kids and their bikes and sleeping bags and we drive there, get on the ferry and spend the weekend playing games, reading books, making smores and riding all over the place or just hanging out at the beach. I love it.

  26. I love to go to the lake, we have a friend with a cabin, and sit out on the dock listening to the sounds of nothing while I read a great book. Thanks for the giveaway.

    s.mickelson at gmail dot com

  27. I would love to go somewhere tropical and read a good book under a palm tree but until that happens I enjoy reading on my patio after a nice swim in the pool.

  28. My ideal summer getaway with a book would be to the mountains, so I could get some peace and quite, and cool off some. Please enter me. Thanks!


  29. ahhhh… perfect getaway would be somewhere shady, since I am allergic to the sun. It would be shady with a temperature of about 75 degrees, and quiet, with the only sounds being rippling water from a stream not too far away and birds chirping, and me flipping the pages of my books.

    lovemykidsandbooks AT gmail DOT com

  30. I would love to go some where tropical. Lay under a big umbrealla in the sand… in my swim suit ofcourse =). Feel the heat beating on my feet as I turn each page.

    I am a subscriber as well! =)

  31. I book my favorite camping site at the Gull Dam Federal camp ground on Gull Lake pop up my bethany pop up camper and sit around the fire ring all day and evening reading and listening to the birds around me.

  32. Having breakfast at my local restaurant that has n outdoor patio – I can nibble and sup iced tea in the sunshine for hours while I dig into a good book

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