Eyes of Darkness by Dean Koontz (audio)

Imagine you are a mother who lost your young son to a terrible accident a little over a year ago.  Your grief has been this aching ever with you passenger in your life but you have done everything you can to move forward.  You have closed his room, unable to deal with putting away your sons things, so instead you leave his room – just as it was.  Then one day you are sure you see your son in a passing car, and then messages start showing up on a chalk board in his room:

Not Dead… Not Dead… Not Dead…

Dean Koontz was one of my favorite authors when I was in my late teens and early 20’s.   At this time I had a handful of authors I read.  He was the author I could not wait for his next book to come out.  As time went on and I widened my reading horizons, Dean still held a spot in my heart.  Not as intense as Stephen King, and not quite as light as Harlan Coben, Koontz writes books that I usually enjoy.

Eyes of Darkness was an interesting listen on audio.  I was hit with the plot almost immediately with Tina sighting of her son, Danny.  The book continues with Tina juggling her career and ex husband as strangle things begin happening.  First it is the sighting, then the messages on the chalk board, Tina is hearing noises at night and the temperature during these activities, seems to drop in the room.

While listening to this audio I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but this book did not have the Dean feeling to it.  It almost felt amateurish compared to what I am used to finding in his books.  The scenes were a bit unreal, the characters a bit underdeveloped.

It wasn’t until the end of the audio when Dean did one of the things I love about his books, that I figured out what was missing.  Dean Koontz always has a little synopsis in the back of his books as to how the book came to be.  He is funny and quick-witted and I really enjoy that.  What I discovered is that this is actually one of his older books, this one came out even before I had started reading him all those years ago.  He had not yet developed his flare, and says so in this end piece.  He also said that the book was re-released because it was going to be made into a movie.  Was.  The story behind this – the development team, the agents, all of it, is told in hilarious Koontz fashion.  This alone made the time I spent in the audio worth while.

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Cover Story:  It is good and truly a Koontz cover…. dark and mysterious

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27 thoughts on “Eyes of Darkness by Dean Koontz (audio)

  1. My mother has read almost every Koontz book in existence, and she always says his writing really progressed as time went on. I have to admit, I’m a fan too!

    1. Trisha I went through that phase where I read everything I could find by him! Then he wrote Strange Highways and that one I didnt like…. but the others, for the most part – YEAH!

    2. Admit ?
      You don’t ” Admit ” to being a fan of Koontz. Rejoice in it, shout it from the rooftops and spread the word ..Koontz is King !! ( No not THAT King )

    1. Tea…. now I want to recommend one and I am drawing a blank on what one I liked the best…. Tick Tock was pretty good. Light of the Moon… was wonderful….

    1. Hannah I like him because many times his stories have a purpose that he usually explains in the back of his books. As I write this, one that comes to mind is Icebound. It has to do with an experiment gone wrong and if I remember correctly he identifies in his personal notes that this is an actual thing taking place…

      The darkest Evening Of The Year is centered around his dog and it is a fictional story about rescuing abandoned golden retrievers.

  2. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Dean Koontz which more often than not leans towards hate since the first book I read by him so needless to say I’ve only read a handful. I’m more of a Stephen King girl. Do you have any favorites?

    1. Ladytink…. what was the first one you read by him? I read Funhouse back in the 80’s and that was when I loved his twists and turns. I really likes LIght Of The Moon and his Odd series was good too. I dont know if I can pick a fav as I have read so many of his (a long time ago). 🙂

  3. Koontz is someone I haven’t read. I know he is very popular at our library, but my spooky meter kept me away. I am tempted, but don’t need nightmares.

  4. I loved this review. I started reading Dean Koontz when I was 14 and now even after almost seven years I cannot get over his books.

    Are you going to review any Stephen King books now ?

    I will love to hear your take on some of his works.

    1. Fiza, probably not. I read King when I was in my later teens and probably early twenties. I think now he is just a bit too horror for my reading taste. My genres have tamed over the years ;D

      1. Oh well………we can’t have everything now can we ?More great blogs like this, a lot of rain, bags and bags of coffee beans, a larger bookcase, a ‘bookish’ friend in the flesh, eyes that do not swell………..Stephen King reviews by Sheila DeChant……..but then again………..there are more reviews coming up which I am waiting to read……..Mr.King can wait in line !!!

        Have a great day !

  5. I’m a Koontz fan, but I haven’t read this one. My husband just read another of his earlier works and said while it was good it wasn’t up to the Koontz standard.

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