Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Audio)

Let me refresh your memory.  In this third installment of the world of Harry Potter compliments of J K Rowling, Harry finds himself back with his aunt and uncle – The Dursley’s.  When Aunt Marge comes to visit and starts putting down Harry parents in front of him calling his father a no good drunk and his mother – well, let’s just say Harry decided enough was enough and there is ummm…. an incident.

Harry leaves the safety (if you call that safety…) of the Dursley’s home and sets out on his own.  He is picked up by the “night bus” and makes his way back to Hogwarts… but this time, something is watching him, and as the pieces come together Harry learns about Serius Black and his escape from Azkaban, and the rumor on the street (or at least at Hogwarts) is that Serius is coming after Harry…

If you have not had the pleasure of sinking your eyes or ears into this book, I highly recommend you do.  having read through the entire series twice, and this time trying the audio…. I can’t stress enough how brilliant these stories still are to me.  The more I think of all the details – all the pieces that come together to make these books work together – I am still amazed.

And this one carries within some amazing things –

  • The Marauder’s Map (such a smart idea for this book and plays so well into the plot)
  • The Time Turner is another item that makes this book come together

Finally, let me just say if you are thinking that you read the books and you have no need to listen to them on audio, I have to tell you that you are missing out.  Jim Dale reads with such a flare that I am amazed how clearly I fall into the rhythm of the story.  I am anxiously awaiting to continue my audio journey with book 4….

Book Journey’s map is updated to include Prisoner of Azkaban

Cover Story:  I am sure this is an older cover and I do not like it.  I feel this cover does not do justice for what you are about to experience.  A picture of the Marauder’s Map would have been much more drawing.

I received my copy of this audio on loan from our local library

Have you heard of PPD (Post Potter Depression)?  Apparently it is out there – and this article tells you more about it.  (I am pretty sure I have symptoms….LOL

37 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Audio)

  1. I am embarrassed to admit this, but I guess I will christen your new blog and spill the truth. I have never read any of the Harry Potter books. I know, I know, it’s terrible. However, after reading your reviews, I might just change my ways. 🙂

    1. Jill! This most be changed! 🙂 I would suggest watching the first movie if you can, that will help you understand some of the terms in the books. Then – go crazy and start reading! AND – let me know what you think 😀

      1. You don’t think watching the movie would ruin the book for me? I am so Harry Potter illiterate, I don’t even know what the first book was called…and I call myself a reader. 🙂

      2. Jill, my kids were reading the books before me and I was curious what they were reading. I actually seen the first movie before I read the book and for me, I think it helped me picture Quidich, etc…

        That’s just me 🙂

        On and it is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. 😀

    1. Staci – they are so great right! I knew my reading time was limited so I opted out for the audios and they are fantastic!!!! Its a way I can legally rad and drive – LOL

  2. I’ve read all the HP–both my boys loved each one–but have never listened to them read aloud. What a treat! I’d love to be entered in the giveaway–thank you!

  3. Sheila, Now you’ve convinced me to listen to the entire HP series on audio since I’ve read the books and viewed the movies! I’ll check out my library–I misread that you were hostessing another giveaway! 🙂

  4. I agree with you about listening to the books in addition to reading them. Especially if you have an excellent reader, as the Potter books do, the story really comes alive. In one instance, the Nora Roberts Morigan’s Cross series, I read the books and then listened to it. I enjoyed it more listening to it.
    For those who have trouble reading, audio books are a blessing. For those who have learning disorders, blindness, no time to read, or those who cannot read, a whole new world is open to them.

    1. Pat – yes like in Kite Runner – read by the author blew me away. And another popular book (the title escapes me now) read by the author – was horrible.

      You need a good reader and then the audios can be wonderful!

  5. Oh my. I definitely have PPD! I’ve actually been re-reading the books, as I’ll be teaching HP7 in a Popular Fiction class in the fall. I have to bone up now because I know students will throw random facts from the books my way. It’s been such a delight revisiting these classics. I’m sure listening to this was delightful too. I’ve listened to several of them on audio and LOVE the voices! Thanks for sharing that article!

  6. Post-Potter Depression sounds pretty believable to me. I’ve got books 3 and 4 sitting on my table, waiting to be returned to the library. Hope to finish re-reading the whole series in the next month and a half.

    1. Isn’t that funny Hannah? I read that in the article and had to laugh. J K Rowling really hit on something with that series. I almost wish she would continue with Harry, Ron, and Hermoine’s children…. and then again…. maybe it is best left as is. 🙂 OR – maybe Harry, Ron, and Hermoine have to go back and fight again for the school all these years later…. Harry still knows secret ways around the school…. and… and…

      GAH. I so have PPD.

  7. I haven’t swung by in awhile and was skimming and stopped dead at this post! I adore the HP books, have read through them several times and now own the audios. Just last night at bedtime, this is exactly what I had on! Jim Dale is excellent but the reason I love them is just because they are a splendid read.
    My oldest is on the Order of the Phoenix and she will have to go through her first post-Potter depression sooner than she knows. I will understand completely.

  8. These are books I have on the shelves, and have had for some time. But never read all the way through them. My son and I had started them and for some reason never made it through them, as we would read together at night before he went to bed and they where long books for that.

    Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

    Oh, love the new header too!

      1. We seem to start, get about a quarter of the way, then have to stop because of sports and homework and all his running. But, I am going to have to get him to read with me even for 1/2 an hour so we can do these books. That might be our summer challenge to get through even just one or two of the books. 🙂

  9. I wish I had a Marauder’s Map!

    It’s been ages since I read the HP books. I need to pick up from where I stopped – book 4! Soon as my current pile of books are through.

  10. Oh man, I’m such a huge Harry Potter fan and this books i my absolute favorite of the series. Serius Black is one of my favorite characters! Anyway, I have read the books twice, but I have yet to wander into the audio territory despite the fact that my boyfriend insists that it will rock my world. I guess I should listen to him more often!

  11. This is one of my favorites of the series!!! I will be starting the series again this week and I cannot wait!! I LOVE Harry Potter!!

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