Morning Meanderings…

Hello from the  Minneapolis airport.  I am sitting here at 5 am with fellow blogger buddy Reagan from Miss Remmers Reviews.  (And yes…. she is as cool in person!)  🙂

We fly out at 6 am…. goin’ to Milwaukee, then on to New York.  Super excited and SUPER tired.

Before I log off here this morning I have to share this funny cartoon I found on-line a couple of days ago.  Maybe it is just my humor (or wierd sense of…) but I thought this was funny:

I will be on later….  Have a great Sunday!

28 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…

  1. LOL, this caption cracks me up. Looking forward to your feedback from the conference. Have a safe and rewarding journey.

  2. Squee! You’re finally on your way! So excited that BEA is almost here! We’re going to have so much fun!!!

    Love the cartoon! Too funny! 😀

  3. Can you be a professional blogger — as in make a living at it? I could do that. Actually, I’d make a fairly good professional booger, too. 😛

    Have a wonderful trip!

  4. love the cartoon, I waved at you as you passed, over and through Wisconsin, hope you saw me, fat old lady , gray hair, sitting on my deck reading. I am sure that was your plane. lol

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