Pondering Moment…. Create Your Own Book and Title

Recently for my giveaway of Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Killer (I know, I know…. don’t even get me started…) I had asked participants to create a new book title for an existing book but change it up like the books we are seeing all over now:  Sense and Sensibility and Seamonsters, Slime and Punishment, Mr Darcy Vampyre….

** For the record, I have not read any of these and if there is an original book IE. like Sense and Sensibility, I will not read any of these books if I have not read the original first.  In many cases, not even then….  (sorry – side rant)

Anyway – the responses on this giveaway are so fun – so original and brilliant that I wanted to open that discussion up here.  I would like to see a new title to an existing well-known book, that includes werewolves, vampires, zombies, seamonsters….  and a little synopsis of what the book would be about.

Here is my example:

Alice in Zombieland.  Alice one day is out walking through the cemetery, a short cut to her friend Kate’s home, when she falls into an open grave.

For anyone who has participated in this through the Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Killer giveaway, feel free to use your same answer if you would like.

I just love to see what everybody comes up with.

That’s all you need to do to participate – I will choose one participant using random.org on May 6th to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card that I will email to the winner.  Have fun!

6 thoughts on “Pondering Moment…. Create Your Own Book and Title

  1. When I was reading Persuasion, I thought a great Zombified version would be called Devil’s Persuasion. Sir Walter is a demon who travels between hell and the RW through his beloved mirrors, and as devil’s spawn his daughters spread chaos throughout the countryside.

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