Read, Remember, Recommend For Teens by Rachel Roger’s Knight

I love to see teens read.  It’s like reading… the next generation.  When I had the opportunity to review Read, Remember, Recommend For Teens I jumped at the chance.  As an adult I love the version of this book made for me, but was thrilled to see the genius that went into this one.

What do I mean?  The lists of books in the early pages are award-winning books – YA Literature.  In the introduction, teens are encouraged to try other genres that maybe they hadn’t thought they would like or never had the opportunity to read.  The books recommended and listed have an age next to them so teens can know at what age the book was written for.  I enjoyed looking through the titles of the books and wanting to read some of them myself.

The record keeping part of the books where you keep track of the books you want to read is just in a fun layout that will appeal to teens.  Journal pages and pages to write your own recommendation… this is a teen readers way to organization and possibly new books and authors.

I was in love with this book from the first time I flipped through its pages.  There are thousands of reading suggestions in this book!

See the adult version here

I received my copy of this book for review from the Author.

15 thoughts on “Read, Remember, Recommend For Teens by Rachel Roger’s Knight

  1. I like the idea of jotting down books that you like. I have been doing it for years too. I find that what ever piece of paper is available I jot things down. This is great, thanks for sharing.

  2. Sheila,

    Again, thank you so much for such a wonderful review. I am so impressed that you took the time to film my journals – I think it is a wonderful presentation and will help explain them so much better.

    You are too kind to have done this! I really appreciate both reviews.

    Happy reading,

    1. Rachelle,

      Thank you for the opportunity to review them! I didn’t want to mark mine up until after the review but tonight I get to start putting in little check marks under the recommendations section…. maybe I will get a package of gold stars 🙂

  3. What a perfect birthday or Christmas gift. I wish my grandson wasn’t dyslexic and read more. Hopefully when he gets older this will work. His two step- brothers, my other grandsons are both big readers. My daughter has two older teen sisters who babysit and are big readers. They are probably too old for this, but not the adult version.

  4. I think this is a great idea for my girls. Going to have to keep this in mind.

    Is the format the same as the adult version? Meaning, are the page, journal, charts the same layout?
    Is the biggest difference between the two the information geared towards teens vs adults in regards to tips, lists?

    1. The book recommendation area is all Youth related in the Teen version and some of the layouts are just a little more “fun” looking for the teens as well. In the video you will see a section where the books to read are in boxes which is just fun and on the adult version it is lines.

      So yes, I would say the biggest difference between the two is the information geared towards teens vs adults in regards to tips, lists…

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