Morning Meanderings (the story of a bike ride…)

Good Morning friends of books!  🙂  I hope everyone’s weekend was super fabulous!  If you follow whats happening over here between many cups of coffee than you know I had my first bike ride of the season this past Sunday at the Ironman in Lakeville, MN.  The Ironman is a 30, 65, or 100 mile bike ride.  It is called the Ironman because at the end of April in Minnesota the weather could be anything from freezing cold, rain, and even snow.

This year I went with my friend Amy who was experiencing her first long distance ride.  Our goal:  The 65 mile route.  We had completed a few short rides here in town.  Last week she and I completed a 32 together, and I ran that route twice during the week as well as a ride into work so before we left for Lakeville I had 70 miles on my bike from last week.

The morning of the ride was miserable.  After a beautiful week of sun and seventies, we woke to rain, wind and 40 degrees.  We put on our bike wear and rain gear and headed out the door.

My complaint about the Ironman ride is that within two miles of the start, you have to choose which route you are taking.  You turn right for the 30 mile, and go straight for the 65.  As awful as the weather was we made the decision together to turn right and do the 30.

In some ways I kicked myself for not pressing on to the 65 but as we rode and fought hills and wind, I think we made the right choice.  Amy agreed that she will do other rides with me this year and I know we will get in longer rides.  I have one coming up in June that is 150.  150 period.  There is no option of a shorter route.

4,600 Riders this year at the Ironman

When we were done we packed up the bikes, received our participant t shirts, and drove back towards St Cloud where we enjoyed lunch at Mongos Grill.

While it wasn’t everything I had hoped for, I had a blast hanging out with my friend and I am excited to do more rides with her.

My next ride is May 8th, it is a ride for MS also in the cities and it is a 65.

So that’s my weekend.  Came home feeling good but tired.  Rollerbladed with my friend Wendy yesterday for 18 miles…. legs are feeling that a bit this morning.  🙂  I am hoping to go riding with her later today.  Of course now that the Ironman is over, the weather looks like it is going to be nice all week.

Registration and starting line

28 Comments on “Morning Meanderings (the story of a bike ride…)

  1. Even at the shorter ride, that is still a great accomplishment! Glad you could do it with your friend.

  2. My god, you are so fit! I feel quite lazy in comparison. Well done for achieving so many miles in different sports this weekend.

  3. Wow! I remember doing a lot of bike riding (back in the day), but nothing like this. Maybe 20 miles on a good day…

    Nowadays, I’m happy to get in a workout at the gym, although I’m hoping to do a few more walks, too.

    Have a great bike-riding season.

  4. All I can say is…Wow! Congrats to you…I don’t know where you find the energy!

    • Its the way I relieve stress Jo Jo. After working I really enjoy doing some form of exercise before I go home for the day…. once home… its all over. 🙂

  5. Wow! Your so motivated. I would love to do a bike tour, it sounds so fun. Hope the rest of your week goes well!!
    Natalie :0)

  6. You brave woman! I am such a southern California wimp when it comes to weather. Glad to hear you completed the ride and got a warm lunch afterward!

    • Thanks Helen – Mongos is one of my favorite restaurants and I don’t get to St Cloud very often to have it 🙂 It was YUMMY!

  7. I think 35 miles in the wind and rain is an amazing accomplishment!!! You both should be very proud of yourselves. I hope you have sunny but not to hot weather for your MS ride May 8th.

    I’ve never heard of Mongos Grill, but checked the website and it looks yummy! To bad they don’t have one here in Florida.

    • Hi Vicki -it is mongolian food and so good! I have seen them in other areas by different names. You fill your bowl with vegies, noodles, sauce and meat of choice and they stir fry it on this massive hot plate in front of you. It is so good!

  8. This is just incredible! I’m always in awe when anyone can accomplish these sort of truly physical tasks. My husband is getting into triathlons and I just can’t imagine how hard it must be. And then Ironman…wow! Incredible! Even with the shorter route, still awesome…great job!

  9. yay, i love cycling. congratulations on your ride!

    my bf and i just completed the Haleiwa Metric Century Ride (100k) this past weekend and it was so much fun. i’d love to do a 100 miler someday!

    • Wow The Little reader! That sounds like so much fun! My goal this year to hopefully do 100 in a day!

  10. Sorry the weather didn’t cooperate, but congrats on completing 30 miles! That’s awesome, and you didn’t scare Amy off, so double-yea! 🙂

  11. Looks like a lot of bike time. 🙂 Sounds like a great time, although nice weather would be a nice thing to have with it. Hope you have a great ride on May 8th too.

    Our weekend was full of lots of family time and birthday parties. We did the family one with grandparents on Saturday and my son had a few of his friends on Sunday for a bowling party. He had so much fun over the weekend that last night he was out cold on the couch at 7:00. 😀 I made him go straight to bed at 7:30. He is great tonight now.

    Hope you had a great day!

    • Thats right Melissa – I remember you mentioning the birthday parties. Sounds like a lot of fun 😀

  12. How miserable were those people that went the 100 miles in that weather? Yuck! Congrats on getting that first ride under your belt!

    • Last year was far worse Lisa it was storming and 30 degrees. I talked to a lady who says she does the 100 every year – YIKES! 🙂

  13. Congrats on finishing the 30 miler. Weather can make such a big difference. Come summer it will be the heat and humidity that get to you. I would think the colder weather would be a bit better, but not blowing rain.
    Best of luck on the 150 coming up in May. Hope the weather is perfect for it. One question: about how long does a 150 mile ride usually take?
    Have a great week.

    • Thanks Pat. I don’t mind heat – I seem to function better that way.

      Depending on the roads I average about 14 miles per hour. The 150 is broke into two days, 75 miles a day and about every 15-20 miles they have a pit stop that has snacks, fruit, a place to replenish your water bottles and check out your bike for air, etc….

  14. AWESOME job!!!! That is so impressive!! Here’s to a great cycling season to you. I look forward to hearing more about your tales!! 🙂

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