Morning Meanderings…

I am up!  And Coffeed.  And….

I bought something.

I actually bought it in Florida – in the wonderful Books a Million.  Actually, now what I think about it, the book review going up later today is also a purchase from Books A Million.  Ahhhhhh….. a BAM day!  🙂

Ok here it is but do not (DO NOT) laugh at me:

Ok…. if you must snicker, turn the other way and act like you are coughing.  Yes I realize I purchased a piece of twisty plastic.  But – of yes there is a but, if you seen my morning ritual you would understand.

Every morning when I am prepping for my day I have a book in the bathroom with me so I can read as I blow dry my hair, style, make up…  I have done this for years.  The trick is keeping the book open.  I use a large lotion bottle, hairspray, whatever I can find that will keep the book open.  Then I have to move said item to read the words.  Occasionally said item rolls off the book and I lose my page.

This item, the Gimble, was a huge “aha moment” when I seen it.  For $5.95 – worth it.  here it is in action:

Mmmmmm hmmmm…. that’s what I’m talking about!  How super cool is that?

Ok…. I need to finish up my coffee and get ready for work.  Today I am going to bike in.  It is only 3 miles and I am trying to get in as much biking as possible.  I have a fantastic book review coming up later.  Well, maybe the review isnt fantastic – but I am going to try to be because the book was.

Here is the question I want to leave you with.  What do you prop your books open with (or is that just me?)

50 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…

  1. I don’t prop my books open for the exact reasons you state: it’s just too difficult. The Gimble is such a simple and ingenious invention! Every morning you’ll wonder how you survived without it 🙂

  2. What a great little gadget! I have the same “propping book up” issue. Nothing works completely. I have this little VW bug paperweight that I use sometimes, and then there’s a mug…neither of these work very well.

    I’m laughing, though, as I see the first image of your gizmo, but then…not so much, when I see how well it works!

    1. I had the same reaction Laurel. I took it out of the package and thought that it was pretty cheesy. Now that I have used it – I feel like king of the book world…. LOL

  3. That thing is GENIUS! I must get one as soon as possible. I like to read while drying my hair too and find it almost impossible (I like to read at every available opportunity if I’m honest).

    Thanks for posting about this, Sheila 🙂

    1. I read at every possible moment too Book Whisperer. My co workers laugh at me. When I told them I bought a IPOD Touch strictly for books on audio they said, “Of course you did.” 🙂

  4. I need one of those! I like to read while I am eating but have all the same problems you have at makeup time. Maybe even more because I don’t want my hands touching the books and getting them all yucked up! I’m definitely going to go shopping in search of a Gimble!

    1. Now that I am thinking about this rhapsodyinbooks, I bet I could use it on the treadmill and elliptical too. That would be awesome – I am always holding the book open with one hand and usually get a hand cramp.

  5. Too funny, Sheila. Okay, now I know I’m not as addicted as some of you. Reading while putting make up on, drying hair, or anything for that matter, without ones hands? Is there a 12-step program for this affliction? lol

    The Gimble gizmo is pretty cool though. I wonder if it would work while using the elliptical machine. Sometimes my book is too big to fit in the book holder slots on it.

    1. I think if there was a 12 step program Lynne – it would probably be another book to read! 😀


      Oh and I was just thinking about the elliptical too Lynne…. I am going to have to try that!

  6. Two things for you today: the gadget is a great idea if read while doing cardio at the gym 🙂 (just one idea).

    At BC last night, the hostess’s husband is the bean roaster at a local coffee shop (an extra, fun job) and he gave us roasted coffee beans. This was one of the best cups of coffee! I wonder if I can talk my husband into becoming a bean roaster?!!

    Have a great day!

  7. Whatever I can get my hands on that is heavy enough to hold the pages down. This little device is perfect. I have a good friend that reads constantly, even at work. This will be perfect for her. I can’t wait, her birthday is coming up in a month or so and this is perfect. I may get her 2 – one for home and one for work.
    One for myself of course. I may stock up on them as gifts for all my reading friends : )

  8. OK, I reading about all these people reading while on their exercise machines. How are you all managing that? I mentioned trying to read while on the treadmill and the elliptical and my family laughed. I have a hard enough time walking on them without falling as it is.

    1. LOL Pat – reading passes the time on the tread/elliptical. Maybe it is a good core workout trying to read and hold your balance… I never thought of that before 😀

      1. I have no balance which may be the problem.

        I bought two packages of the Gimble yesterday. One is for my friend’s birthday and one for me. Can’t wait to try it out.

  9. The Gimble is awesome! I love to read while I eat dinner (when the hubby is away) and the big problem is always keeping the books open and not getting food on them. This would be perfect!

    Also, I have to 2nd library pat’s comment about falling off the treadmill… I’d probably wipe out too.

    1. Jody I got to the end of your comment and just really laughed! Try it – I dont think you will fall. Maybe I am not going fast enoughton the treadmill…. I am not talking about running – that would be awful 🙂

  10. This looks like a great help. I like to read while I eat and I try to read on the elliptical. This would make it easier. BUT, I can only imagine what I would look like after I finished putting on my make up and drying my hair WHILE I was reading a book. I have to give you guys credit for that level of multitasking.

    Thanks for letting us know about the gimble.

  11. Very cool device! I love it! But I don’t know how on earth you can read while doing all that other stuff…I’m impressed. No wonder you read so many books every week!


  12. Cool little twisty doo-hicky! 🙂

    I prop my books open with anything nearby! I use my big hair clips to hold it a lot (I have one on every table, in every drawer… I have a lot of hair to hold up!)…. if it isn’t a hair clip, it is normally a part of Joe- an elbow poking me in the face in bed does much better service holding my book open while I drink cocoa & write notes 🙂

  13. What a great idea….I need one of these so I can read when I’m working out and have hands free. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve a stack of books that this will work beautifully on…it will even work on my current historical fiction book called “Confucius Jade” by Frederick Fisher. It’s a fascinating book with adventure, Chinese gods, priceless gem, mystical powers, and intrigue…sorry I just got carried away.

  14. In the past I’ve used a small easel to prop up my cookbooks and have seen splash proof versions, too (good for the bath tub.) But never really thought about reading while I was drying my hair….then again my eyes are still usually slits at that point in the morning, lol. it’s something to think about though. Thanks for sharing.

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