Daughter Of Mine by Laura Fabiani

Tiziana Manoretti is an only child in her late twenties blessed with loving parents, a promising career, and a best friend who fiercely protects her. When her mother falls seriously ill and the relationship between her parents becomes suddenly strained, a carefully hidden family secret is revealed and Tiziana’s seemingly idealistic world is turned upside down.

After discovering she was born in a Naples orphanage and subsequently given up for adoption, Tiziana sets out for the small town of Gaeta in an attempt to find her birth parents. Meanwhile, her best friend Christopher is sending her mixed messages, causing her to wonder if there is more to their relationship than just companionship. As she becomes intertwined with a handful of interesting characters who help her uncover her past, Tiziana needs to decide whether her feelings for Christopher are deeper than she realizes. She discovers herself and others all while her family’s resilience and love for one another is tested when confronted with a shocking truth.

The answers lie in a box found in a closet in Italy, and Tiziana must determine if she wants to embrace the heartache and the pain from her past in order to learn forgiveness and find peace in the future.

I really enjoyed my time with Tiziana.  This is a book that I read the synopsis of and thought it sounded like a wonderfully intriguing story and guess what?  It was!

I enjoy books that make you feel like you are there – right in the story and that was the feeling I found within the pages of Daughter of Mine.  I could imagine Tiziana’s feeling of despair and confusion as her life goes from near perfect (picture Snow White surrounded by birds and critters) to a turmoil that had to be gut wrenching.

I would not have looked at this book and called it a romance…. but in a way, it is.  Not being a big fan of the romance genre – I have to say I was pleased how this book flowed into that genre, but also was surrounded by mystery.

I found the book to be well written, beautifully detailed in characters and settings.  Daughter Of Mine had a quality about it that made the book feel real to me.

About Laura:

Laura Fabiani has been writing as far back as she can remember, making use of poetry and short compositions throughout her youth to express her ideas and feelings.  One of her early goals in life was to write a novel. She began several of them, but never brought them to completion… until one day her sister asked, “Laura, when are you going to finish that book you once talked about writing?”

That’s when Fabiani finally sat down and began to write where she had left off more than eight years ago, when the idea for Daughter of Mine was sparked listening to her mother-in-law’s stories of her youth in her native Naples.

Italy has always held a special place for Laura Fabiani because her parents are Italian immigrants. Her father is from the beautiful mountainous region of Pescara in Abruzzo and her mother from the romantic city of Rome. In addition, Fabiani’s maternal grandmother came from a noble family in Gaeta, Naples. Fabiani has traveled several times to Italy and stayed in her ancestral home in Rome with her relatives.

When not writing or immersed in study, she divides her time between taking care of her family and sharing in a volunteer worldwide Bible education program. Of all the literature Fabiani has read, the Holy Scriptures have shaped her life the most. She has deep respect for this book that has influenced some of the world’s greatest art, literature, music and has had a significant impact on law. “It teaches us how to live the best life now and in the future,” she believes.

She is currently working on her second novel. She lives with her husband and two children in Montreal, Quebec.

My Amazon Review

I received my review copy from the author, Laura Fabiani.  This in no way has any effect on how I reviewed this book.

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  1. I’m writing my review of this book right now – I would say it’s more of a love story than a romance.

  2. Hmmm, I can’t take a trip to Italy right now, but “Daughter of Mine” sounds like the perfect alternative!

  3. Sounds like one that I might be drawn into…I’ve seen Laura around the blogosphere dropping in on us little bloggers. She comes across very sincere!

  4. Sheila, thank you so much for the lovely review! It’s my turn to be on the other side of the coin as the one receiving the review rather than giving it. I appreciate your support and being a part of my book tour. Thanks again!

  5. My own opinion would be to call this book a mystery, as this is the driving force throughout, in the quest of who Tiziana is. The romance thread is a subplot that parallels this quest in her evolving relationship with Christopher. The importance of setting in a novel is well demonstrated here in successfully taking the reader with Tiziana to Gaeta.

  6. It is probably no surprise if i say I enjoy reading anything set in Italy! Do you know if this is available in Europe please?

  7. Great review!

    This is a book trip I want to take!

  8. Nice video, love the music. I saw this reviewed last night on another site. They also loved the book and had a good interview with the author. I do read romance, but prefer the romance to be part of a bigger story with a bit of mystery and suspense. Straight relationship romances are not of interest.
    She is lucky to have grown up in Montreal. It is such an international city and has so much to offer.
    From what I have seen so far, it looks like it will be a good book.

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