A Black Tie Affair by Sherill Bodine (Giveaway)

Thank you to Hachette Book Group for allowing to give away 5 copies of this book!

Fashion curator Athena Smith will do anything to get her hands on the Clayworth family’s couture collection for her exhibit. So she’s thrilled when she’s called in to authenticate the gowns…until she falls ill while examining them and wakes up face-to-face with notorious Chicago bachelor Drew Clayworth.

Drew doesn’t trust Athena one bit. He still believes she betrayed him years ago. So when his family’s gowns go missing and Athena offers her help in exchange for the dresses, he reluctantly accepts. But they’re both taken off guard by the barely restrained passion that’s still between them…and the memories that are both bitter and sweet. As they work together to find the dresses, can they resist the sparks between them?

Here’s How To Enter!

Leave a comment here with what your favorite piece of jewelry is and why (Guys – leave a comment about an item you have that holds a special memory for you)

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Giveaway will end on February 14 (yes – Valentines Day!)  USA and Canada entries only

69 thoughts on “A Black Tie Affair by Sherill Bodine (Giveaway)

  1. Alexa Nernberg

    Hi Sheila, my favorite piece of jewelry is my engagement ring. It has a center diamond offset by two diamond baguettes on each side. 20+ years and the ring is still very stylish and I love it!

  2. I subscribe to you via Benz1966@gmail.com.

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my decision maker necklace. It’s really beautiful and unique and I get compliments on it all the time!

    It’s silver and the pendant spins. It’s three sided and says, “yes” “no” and “maybe”.

  3. librarypat

    Right now, my favorite piece of jewelry is a sterling silver celtic cross. Not really a fair question since I have lots of favorites and it depends on the clothes I wear.

    librarypat @ comcast DOT net

  4. madwoman-doing-cartwheels

    My favorite piece of jewelry is an amethyst cocktail ring that belonged to my grandmother who has now passed away. I remember being little and baking cookies w/ her and she’d take off the ring and put it on the window sill over the sink. The ring is very special to me.

  5. Anita Yancey

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a opal and diamond ring my husband gave me when our daughter was born. Please enter me. Thanks!


  6. Caitie F

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding band/engagement ring .
    There are two bands that jacket the engagement ring. It is a square cut iwth two step down diamonds on the side. My husband picked it out on his own and I couldn’t imagine anything that I would like more!


  7. My favorite piece of jewelry is…that’s a tough one since I don’t really wear jewelry. I’ll say my Swiss Army watch. I bought it at the Swiss Army store in Lucerne, Switzerland when I took students on a trip. It was fun to actually be in the S.A. store and the watch is awesome!

  8. Benita G.

    My favorite pieces of jewelery are a ring and pendant that my dad bought for my mom before I was even born. Later in life it was passed on to me. I love both pieces.


  9. Apart from the obvious engagement and wedding ring, my favourite piece of jewellery must be my eternity ring as husband dearest picked this himself. Oh and an amber pendant (can I be greedy and have two?) which he also bought as it has an insect buried in the stone.

  10. Shari D

    My mother passed away giving birth to me and I have her engagement ring. That is the most precious thing to me as it is all that I have of hers.

  11. Julie H.

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a pendant that was made from one of my great-grandmother’s earrings. It has an unusual pendulum type shape, gold, with a small seed pearl in the middle. I’m sure they were very striking as a set of earrings, sadly, I have the only remaining one as my pendant.

  12. My favorite piece of jewelery has got to be my engagement ring. My fiance & I picked it together in the Maldives after he proposed (the whole holiday was a surprise he planned for our 2nd anniversary to propose & it was the best 2 weeks of my life). The ring has an emerald in the centre & 3 diamonds on either side. I’ve never seen anything that looks the same here in England :o)

  13. My favorite piece of jewerly is my engagement ring. It’s not the typical kind. It’s sapphire & most people tell me it looks like Princess Diana’s ring. I love it.

  14. My favorite piece of jewelry came from my great grandmother. It is a single pearl on the end of a silver chain. I never wear it because I am so afraid I would break it.

  15. CherylS22

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my engagement ring & wedding band because it reminds me of my wonderful husband and the day we got married. Thanks!

  16. Hi! My favorite piece of jewelry is a very unique piece that my husband recovered from his work at the mill. It’s hard to explain but, it’s basically a bolt that fell into the machine and tried to get hammered through the round holes. It’s so beautiful, I wrapped it in silver wire and wear it as a pendant. It’s a very special gift from my hubby.


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  18. Scorpio M.

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a heart shaped ring that used to belong to my grandmother, it makes me feel connected to her even though she is no longer with me.


  19. Janet B

    I don’t have very expensive nice jewelry but when my daughter got married & bought a pair of diamond posts. And when my son had his vow renewal I wore them then also. So that pair is very special to me.

  20. kathy

    I have a black diamond necklace that my in-laws brought me back from their adventure to Alaska, its cool. different and reminds me of them fondly every time I bring it out. Plus its a great break the ice kind of piece. Love your blog-check it daily.

  21. Linda Henderson

    I have a mother daughter ring that my daughters got for me some years ago. I can’t wear it anymore because of the swelling in my hands from severe RA, but I still cherish it.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  22. My favorite piece of jewelry (besides my wedding ring, of course) is my mom’s wedding ring from her marriage to my dad when she was 17 and he was 18. He had just signed a contract with the Dodgers back when athletes didn’t get anything close to what they get now! It’s a teeny tiny diamond, but it is precious to me.

  23. Marlane Barker

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a bracelet. My mom and I took a trip to Alaska 4 years ago and I was admiring a bracelet crafted by a local artist, made of beautiful rainbow blues and greens, much later in the trip my mom gave me the sweet surprize. It is all the more special because i lost my mom just a few months ago to pancreatic cancer. I treasure the memories of that wonderful trip with mom each time I wear the lovely bracelet.

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