Morning Meanderings…

Good Morning!  I have been missing in action the last few days as far as getting around to visiting and I am sorry about that.  I had a crazy schedule as of late and have hopped from one event to the other, leaving me exhausted by the time I get home and with little energy to pop in and say hi.

I am hoping that is over now.  🙂  On Tuesday evening we had our Bookies Book Club meeting and review of 2009.  If you have followed me you know there was a survey for best and worst book of the year…. and last night I posted those results here.

Coffee Cup and I are full of energy this morning and I am hitting the gym in a few so need to share a bit of fun news.  Angie from our book club, The Bookies, has a book blog. I know, right?  I am so super excited about this!  Angie reads as much as I do if not even more.  She participated this past weekend in the Bloggiesta which was as always a blast and I have to tell you, Angie’s blog looks great!  Stop by and welcome her to book blogging!  She has actually been undercover for a while so she has a few reviews posted and they are really good.   I would love it if you would stop by, you can find her at:

By Book Or By Crook

22 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…

    1. I know Aubrey! There are a couple more trying their hand as well. I am not sure if they are book blogs but I will peeking over at theirs once they are set up 🙂

  1. I popped over to your friends blog-how fun. I am exhausted this week-thank goodness for back up posts. AGHHH-being in trial is killing me. (at least my reading and blogging)

    1. Thank you Esme – me too! Each night I sit down to comment and when I get done doing everything else I have too I am just to tired. I am going to try again tonight. 🙂

  2. Good morning, Sheila! Thanks for the link. I just went over there and what an intriguing new blog. I love visiting blogs!

    I had a very hectic day yesterday that ended okay. I wrote about it on my Obsessions blog.

  3. I headed over to welcome Angie but will have to remember to get her added to my reader when I get home since I can’t do that from here.

  4. kadybug

    Wow! Thanks Sheila for the glowing “review”. And thanks to all who visited my blog. Your support is much appreciated!

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