Bloggiesta – I can see the finish line!

First of all thank you so much to Natasha at Maw Books for hosting this incredible event!

So it is now time to recap this weekends Bloggiesta.  I had a BLAST!  I love this event and I always learn so much and have so much fun visiting the blogs of others.  On Friday when I started the Bloggiesta I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish.  As I traveled to other participants blogs and seen their goals… my list grew.  So here is my recap:

  • Catch up on writing all the reviews for the books I have completed (Yes!  I have 5 posts written and hope to do a couple more tonight after floor hockey!)
  • Have back up posts ready to go (Yes!  Created 4 conversation/idea posts ready to go when needed)
  • Send out invites for authors chats with a few authors  (3 invites out and one positive response back at this time!)
  • Clean up my Wish List link  (Yes!  Now I just need to add more to it…LOL)
  • Organize all my pages (Yes!  I went through and cleaned up outdated info…)
  • Create a new Blog Badge (Yes and I love it – upper right sidebar)
  • Love a bit on my blog roll…. it needs a face lift! (I cleaned it out and need to enter some new ones)
  • Love a little bit on my blog (Yes!  I actually loved a lot on my blog and the new color is the result of that)
  • Clean up my book related emails (I went through and categorized those I needed to save and eliminated the ones I no longer needed.  I went from 98 to 33)
  • Get out and visit other blogs!  Life has been so busy lately I have not had a lot of time to do this part of blogging which I love! (Yes – I visited all blog participants as well as many others.  I still have some regulars I hope to stop in and sat hi to tonight)
  • Post the awards that I was planning to do at the end of December  (That is my Sunday night task… I hope to do this monthly after this)
  • Revisit last Bloggiesta’s mini challenges to see if there is anything I may have missed (I did and it was fun to do some of them again or to be reminded of where I had learned a particular task to begin with!)

  • Take a look at My Review Policy (written during the last Bloggiesta) is it still current? (Yes – looked at and tweaked)
  • Catch up on the giveaways that I still need to post  (I have two more to go but I have posted three over the weekend so I am getting here.  Trying not to crowd them)
  • Stop in and see and comment on every participants blog (Yes done with the exception of one bad link and two that wouldn’t take a comment)
  • My Blog Buddy is now Esme from Chocolates and Croissants!  Thanks Esme!!!

As for the new Mini Challenges:

Over at Rebecca from The Book Lady’s Blog I made some blog resolutions.

At Pam from Mother Reader’s Blog I set a goal to visit at least 5 book blogs a day and leave a comment.  I am going to make this goal be that I visit 5 new blogs to me and leave comments.

At There’s A Book blog I discovered a great idea to make a cheat sheet for all the links we use again and again in our posts to save time.  I saved mine to Google Reader and have already put it to use!

At Pam’s blog I was reminded the importance of putting a copyright on our blogs.  This is the one challenge I was unable to finish because I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

At Beth Fish Reads there was a great reminder about labels and for the most part I had this one down but it was agood reminder and I did make a couple corrections.

Thanks to Farm Lane Book Blog I backed my blog up for the first time ever.  🙂

Karin at Karins Book Nook linked me up to a couple places that would check my blog for dead links.

Chelle from Tempting Persephone was probably my favorite challenge because it was such a  great idea!  I chose three of my posts that had a lot of traffic and comments and put them on my sidebar.  I love this!

At Bookworming in the 21st Century I signed up for the Mentor program.  This idea is brilliant!

At Jenn’s Bookshelves I brainstormed a list of future blog ideas…. some of which I have already prepped posts for.

I am ending this Bloggiesta tired and happy.  I invested 23 hours and I think it was time put to good use.  I commented on probably close to 200 blogs over the weekend, all of the participants, all of the mini challenges (old and new) and about 50 others in there.  Because of this event I can relax a bit knowing I have back up posts.  For upcoming reads I have put the initial pieces already into posts for them so I can update them with my thoughts when it is time to post.  My blog once again has a whole new look.

Pedro says , “Good night!”

Next Bloggiesta:  June 2010


30 thoughts on “Bloggiesta – I can see the finish line!

  1. Sheila I will be honored to be your blogging buddy-consider me in-can we become workout buddies too-your 6 am -19 degrees get to the gym attitude does inspire me.

    I will email you.

  2. Great job! Love your new blog badge and your blog updates. I’ve been playing with a new header, but still not happy with the results so have to keep tweaking.

    In awe that you managed to visit all of the bloggiesta participants! I only made it to 46. I didn’t keep track of the time I spent on this, but it was well worth it!

    Congratulations on a great Bloggiesta!

  3. 23 hours of blogging?! Now that’s what I call dedication. 🙂 Your fingers must have been smokin’ by the end of that. Congrats and happy 2010!

  4. Thanks for leaving a comment on my Bloggiesta post! I’ve got 3 new tabs open right now, from links in your post. I’ve already copied that cheat sheet and will work of that this week. Congratulations on all your Bloggiesta successes!

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