Morning Meanderings…

Good Morning!  It took two days but I am thrilled to say that I have my house back in order and I have book shelves!  YES!   I said it out loud and there was a happy dance.  Here they are the finished product and I am so glad to be clutter free!  🙂

(Seriously… this will be the last babbling about these shelves… after this post I will return to my regular scheduled Morning Meanderings)

Oh wow!  These are the first books I put up there…. congratulations to author Randy Alcorn who took up this corner!

Here is the other side of the room.  I love it…. its better than I even pictured it!

I still have space !  Yes!  The step in this picture belonged to my Great Grandmother.  I have had it in the basement for years but now I think I am going to paint it and maybe put some cool book quotes on the steps to use in this room.

One close up of the shelf in action.  🙂

Ok enough about the shelves….  what are you reading today?

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  1. I **love*** these! And what a clever use of space!

    Would you consider emailing me and telling me how to make the arrows?!!!!

    • Thanks Diane – it really freed up book space! No longer are my regular shelves overflowing and no more books waiting for space. I am so glad we did it!

    • Hi Tami! This used to be our office when we had it in the house. Last spring when we put the office in our shop I had a big empty room and made it into a library. I call it the reading room and I want to put letters outside the room above the door that say that. 🙂

  2. I am presently trying to convince my hubby that shelves around the ceiling are a good idea for the books that I have read. He doesn’t seem to be buying it, so I will have to look longingly at yours.

  3. I love the shelves! I want some now lol. I find the stepstool really neat. I think painting it up is a great idea.

  4. I love that idea! I am in limited space and every corner available already has a book shelf! So up along the ceiling…fabulous!

    I’d have to get one of those cool library ladders!

    Step stools would probably reach, though.

    Did you ever get a chance to check out my book and DVD shelves in my Collections blog? They go floor to ceiling—and especially the DVD shelves—take up very little space.

    Here’s the link again.

    • Exactly Laurel! I havent made it to your shelves yet. I will make a note to get there later today – right now I am pushing my luck on getting to work on time. 🙂

  5. What a great idea – the top of the wall is never used but you have done a fantastic job!

    Enjoy your shleves – you room is lovely. I want one 🙂

    • Thanks Mari – it was a scary step… I didnt know what it was going to turn out like but I am really happy with them. 🙂

  6. LOL. Congrat’s on the shelves….I SO need to follow your example to get some of mine out of their boxes…perhaps in the coming year! =0)

    • GMR, it was driving me nuts…. friends would want to borrow a book and I couldnt find what they asked for even though I knew I owned it! Love this now!

  7. Wow-those look really good-how many books do you think you have?

    Where did you look for ideas-I need to design mine and need some ideas?

    • Ooh Esme…. I have no idea…. 400 maybe? Kind of scared to count…. maybe someday I will put them in a online library format…but that – is another project…LOL

      As for the idea – I seen it originally on bookshelves that Peter had featured on his blog a while ago. I looked up at my reading room and thought….. that might work! 🙂

  8. Let me just say that I LOVE your reading room. I really want to create my own, but haven’t the space yet. I just might have to show yours to my husband as a hint. 🙂

  9. I am so jealous! The shelves look great and you have a whole room for reading–lucky girl!

    • Thanks Lisa…. I really love that space and had never thought of using it for my books until after the office moved out and I wondered what I would do with such a large empty space….

  10. Awesome! Looks even better than I imagined. Have to tell you that after looking at these pictures, I am totally jealous of your reading room! 🙂

    Can’t wait to see the finished stool, as I love the idea of painting book quotes on it!

  11. It’s a gorgeous room! Love all the shelves, and great idea to make use of the space around the top of the room like that. I’m jealous that you actually have a space dedicated to books and reading… my crammed shelf in the hallway seems so lonely now. 🙂

    • Jody my shelves were so crammed I had books stacked on top of books and on top of all the shelves too….. this was a project that rejuvenated me!

  12. I love your cozy reading room and love the shelves! The shelves are a great use of wasted space. And the books look so nice up there. Happy reading!

    • Thank you Beth…. it really works because like you said – it is wasted space! Now I can put my collections up high!

  13. Beautiful!!! I hope to have a room set up for reading by the summer. I’m also going to try to purge a bit before then too (in books, just to clear that up!).

    I’m reading Jillian Dare by Melanie Jeschke now that I have finished The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart. It was AWESOME! I’ll have a review up soon. It’s a lengthy book but reads very fast for 488 pages! I LOVED It! I read it for a book club I recently joined on Goodreads.

    Happy New Year Sheila! I pray it is full of greatness, especially in the world of reading! 🙂

  14. Hi, Sheila! I’m so envious of your bookshelves! I was thinking of grabbing them and featuring them in my bookshelf project (if not for the arrows! Hehhe). Happy New Year, Sheila!

    • Peter – your blog feature was the inspiration behind the shelves so if you want the pics say the word and I will send them over – arrow free 🙂

  15. I love the way you added the shelf to the top of the room, my dream is to do that (maybe to everyroom in our house, we honestly have way too many books!) but I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Congrats on a great look!

  16. Hey, shelves are important. Unfortunately, I have 30+ and they are full. I still have piles of books on the floor. What I need is to find more time to read.

    Have a Great 2010!

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  18. That is such a cool idea. I’d probably fall and kill myself trying to get books up there (Im the type of person who trips on thin air haha) but I love the feel of the room. Very cozy, and filled with my two favorite things…books, and the color green haha

  19. I’m way too short to have shelves like that. I did get my first bookcase up this past weekend though!

    I’m reading The Girl on Legare Street by Karen White

    • Ladytink, thats why I have Grandma’s step ladder 🙂

      Ooh – the book you are reading is one that I want to read to!

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