Defining Twilight by Brian Leaf M.A.

Brian Leaf’s book is smartly done!  ~ Sheila

Can you resist the allure of Edward’s myriad charms—his ochre eyes and tousled hair, the cadence of his speech, his chiseled alabaster skin, and his gratuitous charm? Will you hunt surreptitiously and tolerate the ceaseless deluge in Forks to evade the sun and uphold the facade? Join Edward and Bella as you learn more than 600 vocabulary words to improve your score on the *SAT, ACT®, GED®, and SSAT® exams!

Use this workbook side-by-side with your own copy of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight!
• Each chapter of the workbook gives you eight words taken from Twilight, with page references for you to read the words in the context of your favorite novel
• Define the words on your own before turning back to the workbook for their actual definitions
• At the end of each section you’ll take SAT, ACT, GED, and SSAT drills and quizzes to review and integrate what you’ve learned
• Plus, you’ll learn synonyms, Latin word parts, and memorization tools throughout the workbook

Honestly?  I think this is brilliant!  What a clever way Brain Leaf has put together here to learn great vocabulary words and actually make learning fun.  Right from page 1 you have the words from the book Twilight with the page number provided to look it up.  AT this stage of the book you are to write down what the word might mean.  Flip to the next page and the definitions are there so you can see how you did.  From there you move on to synonyms for each word, choosing analogies, and sentence completion.  I had a wonderful time going through this workbook page by page and seeing what I did and did not know.

“Did I learn from this book? I would think would be a question you may be asking.  The answer is yes.  Even words that I thought I had a good grasp on, I discovered in a few cases I did not quite hold their correct meaning.  When I read Twilight I did not notice the words that were put into use but now as I see how they are used in Defining Twilight, I am even more impressed with Stephanie Meyer’s work.

For a person who is a lover of words… this was a great exercise for me and I would think if you have a YA in your life who is a fan of Twilight, this is a great companion read that could be very beneficial.

About Brian Leaf

Brian Leaf, M.A., is the author of  six books, including Defining Twilight and the four-book SAT and ACT test-prep series McGraw-Hill’s Top 50 Skills. He is Director of the New Leaf Learning Center in Massachusetts, and has provided SAT, ACT, GED, SSAT, and GRE preparation to thousands of students from throughout the United States.

My Amazon Review

I received my copy of this book for review from Author Brian Leaf

23 thoughts on “Defining Twilight by Brian Leaf M.A.

  1. Wow-I did not realize there was a whole Twilight culture.

    PS not sure if the bookcase is going to be built-I may consider re-designing my cabinets and counterspace.

    1. Whatever you decide to do Esme I bet will be wonderful – cant wait to see your plan! You should go to Peters Blog…Kyusireader and see his shelf posts…. lots of ideas there.

  2. Great job on this review! I wasn’t quite sure how to review it so tried to encourage the book through the giveaway! Isn’t it fun to study words! I haven’t read Twilight so I just enjoyed the word practice!

    1. I think that would help Petty Witter. 🙂 Since many of the readers (fans) of Twilight are YA… this is a perfect book for them as I plan their resting of SAT’s because the book already had them at …. uh…… Edward. 🙂

  3. The premise of the book sounds great. I wonder though, if my Twilight loving daughter would actually go through this book or not. Hmmm…thinking that if I still homeschooled her then this book would work.
    One of my friends has this book for her daughter and says that it is fabulous.

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