Word Verification Balderdash (The Thursday Thing)

This is my weekly meme of the great word verification we that make comments on blogs have the annoyance pleasure of typing again and again….

I know it is a necessity…  I get that.  You leave a comment, chances are you going to be word verified.  Yet being a comment junkie… it slows me down.  So to make this a bit more enjoyable… I came up with a plan.

I love word games (not as much as commenting).  To entertain myself and maybe some of you… I decided to share with you a little thing I do while I type in the verification.  I play Balderdash in my head.  Yup.  As I am typing in the word, I think if it was a real word… what would it mean.  Some come easy.  Others…. I really have to stretch the imagination.

The definition of Balderdash: An oft used strategy  to elect your own fake definition in an attempt to give it credibility in the minds of your fellow players.

Berbarch: The latest in Berber products!  The powers that be at the world of All Things Berber Carpeting Co.  LLC, are excited to open their newest division in Berber wear…. Outdoor furnishings.  No longer is berber just to be enjoyed inside your home.  To kick off this line they present the Berbarch… that’s right folks…. a gorgeous archway for your back yard covered entirely in berber.  Wont you be the envy of your neighborhood!  (Order now and you will receive a set of free Ginsu Knives to cut loose the cat when she is caught in the berber archway.  😉

ok…. ok…. if that definition is too far fetched… here is an optional one…

Berbarch: The Berbers of Africa date back 4,000 years.  (Google it – this much is true!)  The Berbarch is the well known expression that a Berber would give to another berber when they believed they caught the other in a lie.  While the berbers are a gentle people and accusing is against their very nature… a well lifted brow, in an arch, so to speak, was enough to let the others in the Berber Tribe know that they were calling you out on your elaborate story.  Sadly, the berbarch often led to the berbfist.

Ishsushi: Yup.  Self  explanatory.  Ish.  Sushi.  😉

Burgbut: What happens to one who eats way too many fast food burgers.  😉

So I invite all of you to take a closer look at those annoying… err….. wonderful word verifications.  Do they sound like they could mean something?  If you used them in a sentence could you fool people into thinking they are real words?  If you share in this love of words and word games, please let me know here – and if you make a post feel free to grad the Balderdash meme and let me know so I can link others here to yours!

Remember – have fun!

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