Word Verification Balderdash (My Thursday Thing)

balderdashThis is the weekly meme where I encourage anyone who wishes to play along to take those crazy word verifications they have had over the past week and create a fake definition for them (much like how you play the board game Balderdash).  This is all in fun and makes commenting on blogs a bit more interesting when the verification may just give you the best definition of the week!

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Concab: The latest ring sweeping the east coast that consists of ex cons (or are they?) that fake as taxi drivers and take unsuspectiong tourists out into the city and take all their cash and occasionally all their gum too.

Worster: Hill Billy talk for when things are worse than worse…. I mean really bad…. the worstest.  😉

Baraid: The latest standard addition to cell phones!  An automatic number programmed into your phone so that even a random stranger can grab your phone and dial it to connect with that poor unsuspecting friend who is your emergency ride home when you have had too much to drink and can not drive yourself home.

I would love to see what you come up with!  To do your own, simply grab the picture meme and add it to your own post.  Link back to this post and leave a comment here letting my know you have and I will add your blog post to this one so people may see other participants.  Let the fun begin!  :)

The Master of all things Balderdash:  Wordsmithonia

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  1. Great words this week, worster is one I’ve actually used in the past.

    Here is mine for the week: http://wordsmithonia.blogspot.com/2009/11/word-verification-balderdash_12.html

  2. OMG, you got some good ones too! Baraid? LOL.

  3. Wait a minute…you mean Worster isn’t a real word???? *L*

    Great week! I didn’t have a chance to play this week, but hope to get back into the game soon.

  4. Great definitions this week! I love all of them. We have been know to use worster. I am with Alexia.. Its not a real word?

    I love the number in your phone as well. That is actually a great idea.

    I just got my words up a little while a go if you would like to stop by.

  5. I started to blush when I read The Master comment 😉

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