Morning Meanderings…

a big improvement5 hours to go and I am sitting almost like my skin in buzzing with the things I am completing.  Its all going well and currently Coffee Cup and I have just sat down to do a few blog visits while the laundry is going, the chicken is baking for one of the suppers I am leaving Al for the week, and the coffee cup is brewing a pot of Chocolate Covered Cherry blend as I ran out of my standard Folgers.

I feel good.

I stayed in bed a little later today to finish the last few pages of  The Help.  In a word?  Delicious.

Well… I have much to do.  I will be in Texas tonight (late night) we should get to or hotel anout 11 pm.  If not totally wiped I will pop in (I am attempting to bring lap top with me but not sure I will be able to use it in Honduras where we are staying or not.  They have a computer there but internet connection can be iffy.  We will see…

Couple more posts yet today and of course the sticky post to tell you all the exciting things that are going to go on for the next 8 days!

5 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…

  1. Well, I meandered on over this morning…and when I say “meander,” that’s exactly how you would describe this!

    My Firefox isn’t opening, so I’m relegated to my Internet Explorer, which is SLOW and quirky! Even with all the updated versions. I had gotten spoiled enjoying the Firefox all these months.

    Good luck on your trip! Hope your wireless connections work for you!

    So glad you enjoyed “The Help.”

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