Author Chat: Sarah Lindberg

author chatSarah is a friend who I used to work with and I was there when she was working on her first book, Life’s Compass For Eternal Treasure.  I even was able to be one of her proof readers as she self published this book and that was pretty exciting!

Since that first book, Sarah was married and moved away from Minnesota to Florida where she now lives happily with her husband Paul.  She has written a  second book, His Hope For Your Destiny and is currently working on her third.  I had the opportunity in July of this year to interview Sarah here and she graciously offered her books for a giveaway.

This past weekend Sarah was in town for her sisters wedding and she and I were able to connect over coffee and catch up on what was new with her and about this third book that those who have followed her incredible writing style are waiting anxiously for.

Me and Sarah Lindberg

Ahhh!  Sarah it seems like forever since we have been able to connect!  I am excited to hear about the next book!

Sarah: Well, I am still working on it.  This one is coming along a bit slower than the first two.

What do you mean by coming along slower?

Sarah: In the first two books I was speaking directly about scriptures that were on my heart and I felt as though God just lead me through the writing.  In this book, I am coming in with a different approach and since this book is more in depth in different ways, I have to do more research.

So what is this book going to be about?

Sarah: This book is going to be about how thoughts and especially the negative thoughts that are verbalized around us can be taken in to ourselves almost like a toxin or poison.  This book is going to be how to keep true to God’s word, and to learn through His word how to snap off those dead branches, dead relationships even that are unhealthy for us to keep us growing in the right direction towards Him.  I am basing this book off of Philippians 4: 4 – 8, mainly on pure thoughts.  We have to train our thinking process, almost prune our thoughts.

Wow – that sounds really interesting!  Do you have a title yet?

Sarah: The title usually does not come to me until the book is finished.

Any time frame we can be looking at for this book to be available?

Sarah: The research is very interesting and I am still working on that part.  I am hopeful that it can be in print by late 2010.

Well I look forward to it!  Thanks Sarah as always for hanging out here at One Persons;s Journey Through A World Of Books with me.  Its always fun to hear what you are up to and I look forward to having you back to review and discuss your book!

Sarah’s Website

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