Word Verification Balderdash (The Thursday Thing)

GAH!  Something must be wrong with me… I keep forgetting to do this and in my head I thought I needed to post it balderdashtomorrow.  I think I am going to get more organized and actually prep this ahead of time so Thursday mornings it will be like “TA DA!” Already there.

Baderdash fans… this fun meme is for you! I love word games (not as much as commenting).  To entertain myself and maybe some of you… I decided to share with you a little thing I do while I type in the word verification.  I play Balderdash in my head.  Yup.  As I am typing in the word, I think if it was a real word… what would it mean.  Some come easy.  Others…. I really have to stretch the imagination.

The definition of Balderdash: An oft used strategy  to elect your own fake definition in an attempt to give it credibility in the minds of your fellow players.

So here is this weeks contribution:

Perminia: A perm that is all the rage in Europe!  It is hair designed to look like a flower.  Very popular is the rose and carnation.  For a bit more moola you can go all out with the begonia which is pricey – but gorgeous!

Hednesti: Italian for morning hair.  😉

Poneater: The newest game for the PS2… your kids will love it!  This great chess style game actually has an upgraded peice called the poneater that will of course, eat your pawn.  The pawn is normally considered the weakest peice in the game but the poneater adds a whole new lever of excitement.

Equatic: A person who really just flips out if they things are not fair or equal in all circumstances.  “Traci just went totally equatic on me when I said that Carol would get first choice on the theater seats.”

There you go!  What are yours?  Leave me a link here and I will gladly add you to this post!  Have fun!  🙂

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18 thoughts on “Word Verification Balderdash (The Thursday Thing)

  1. Love “equatic”! I know a few neurotic equatics. I keep track of this meme like this: I have a templated post, and every time I see a word verif on a blog, I go to the post, type in the word, and that’s it. Sometimes I think of the definition right away, sometimes it takes awhile. If, by the time Thurs. rolls around, I still don’t have a definition, I delete the word. But, the meme is done and ready to go for Thurs.

    Here are mine for this week:

    1. Melissa – I do that too. I keep a list although some are so odd that I dont even write them down… others like poneater I have to save because it is too good to pass up. 🙂

  2. Another fun week!

    Absolutely LOVE Hednesti! Think that one is my favorite, although Equatic is pretty good as well. I haven’t visited many blogs this week, so didn’t come across any good words and have to sit out. Plan on catching up on bloghopping tomorrow, so maybe I can play again next week.

    Love this game, as it makes that nasty word verification bearable. 😀

  3. Thank you for stopping by. I mentioned you regarding your magical shopping powers from across the nation. lol

    I love my new cookbook Thank you.

  4. I always love to read this, and your words prove what I’ve been thinking lately–they’re getting longer! No more typing in “sofr”, the ones I’ve had lately are super long!

  5. I thought of this meme this morning when I got a word verification that was “hootess” which made me think “a waitress at hooters.” (A place which I’ve never been, but oddly enough came up in conversation with my husband last night.)

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