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a big improvementWe are back and I think I am rested and ready to get back on track.  Sunday morning we left to join my cousin and his wife and baby at the Vikings Game.  Al, Chance, and I had never been to a Vikings game before so jumped to say “yes” when it was offered.  I am not a football fan but it is always different when you are actually there and I thought maybe... just maybe… this could be the event that changes my heart.

I loved the atmosphere – we had great seats to a sold out event.  Over 60,300 people is what they announced. If you are a football fan you may have already heard about this game.  12 seconds left and the Vikings are down by by 4 points.  Vikings fans are walking out of the game and I am thinking what that must feel like to the players…  the fans already taking a defeat that has not been been established yet.  Then….  Favre throws the winning touchdown that is complete with 2 seconds on the clock!  2 seconds!  The crowd goes wild and I am thinking about those people who left early who are now half way to their cars…  and their friends who knew they went to the game calling them and saying “WOW!!!!  So cool that you were there for that amazing play!  I am so jealous!”

and they didn’t even see it….

Oh…. my…. I sound like a football fan.  🙂

My pics:

I’ll be back later today….  have to get in my Its Monday… what am I Reading post and a review.  🙂

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  1. I am not a big football fan, American or English, but I love to see families making a big day of it. I think American football is definitely a more family orientated event than English football.

  2. I love football and that would have been awesome to see! Glad you guys had a great time.

  3. You know, I always say that I’m not a football fan, but then I remember games I actually attended…and then I realize that I don’t like TELEVISED games. There’s something about actually being there, in person. The scents, the activity up-close-and-personal, and, of course, the FOOD.

    Loved the pix!

  4. I have a 15-year-old son who is a sports addict. So yes I’m a fan. But you’re right, being there is more fun. Great pics in your slide show 🙂

    Here’s my What Are You Reading Monday post:

    Oh, and be sure to scroll down to see my post with pictures of me with celebrities. I know you said you read my blog for like 40 minutes that one day, so I thought you’d get a kick out of these fun pics!

  5. Oh it hurt to be a 49er fan yesterday. Our household was in depression for the remainder of the day. But I KNEW Brett Favre could do it. He’s amazing under 2 minutes. Argh! What a great game for Viking fans!

  6. I’m so glad you stayed til the bitter end! I’m sure Chance had a lot to talk about at school today!

  7. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love your slide show. I was so glad I had a cup of hot tea sitting next to me. Love those baby pics…priceless!

  8. The baby with the headphones was too cute! And I agree that being at a game in person is much, much better than watching it on TV. Too bad for all those fans who lost faith and missed the amazine last minute touchdown! Glad you had fun!

    • I know! Can you imagine? They must have felt like idiots when they got to their cars and heard that the Vikings won! NEVER leave a game early! LOL

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