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It is Sunday and we are back from the Vikings Game… and what a game! (More on the game in my Morning Meandering post tomorrow)…
Now… I want to work through this weeks deliveries and see what I have!  (In my Mailbox is a meme by Story Siren)

Wisdom Hunter by Randall Arthur and Shadow Government by Grant Jeffery:  This is an upcoming blog tour and I have actually read Randall Arthur’s Wisdom Hunter many years ago and loved it!  (Yes, I thought it was odd too that a book that has been out for many years is now on tour…)  Randlal Arthur has written three books and they area ll wonderful Christian fiction reads.

The House of Thunder by Patricia Carman: This is a WIN from Zia at My Life In Not So Many Words.  This book looks great!  Thanks Zia!

9 Dragons by Michael Connelly: A blog tour coming up mid October for a new one by Connelly!

Viola In Real Life by Adriana Trigiani: This one is exciting – this book is for a live chat at Book Club Girls coming up on the 30th…  it just came in the mail so i am going to have to read this one in the next couple days here.

The Financial Lives Of The Poets by Jess Walter: October 14 Blog Tour… Following Matt in his weeklong quest to save his marriage, his sanity, and his dreams, THE FINANCIAL LIVES OF THE POETS is a hysterical, heartfelt novel about how we can reach the edge of ruin—and how we can begin to make our way back. I Think it sounds interesting…. we shall see

Lighting Their Fires by Rafe Esquith: This book about raising extrodinary children is also a blog tour.  I like to read a wide diversity of books….

Across The Endless River by Thad Carhart:  This one looks really good and will be another one to dig into!

The Last picture is a gift package I won from Sharon at Sharon’s Garden of Books.  I received three cozy mysteries, Treasure of The Golden Cheetah,  a coffee mug (AWESOME!), tea, candle, key ring, coaster, and a refillable candle container.

That’s my week.  I am pretty shot tonight after the trip to Minneapolis and back so I am off to unwind a bit!

13 Comments on “In My Mailbox

  1. Great IMM this week! I love how you put together the slide show. Very cool!

    Think the only book I’ve heard of is the Michael Connelly, and he’s usually pretty good. Will check out the other titles.

    And congrats on winning the cute gift pack! I love candles and tea. 🙂

  2. My husband said you must of had a great time at the game. Time out you won candles and tea-I looove tea.

  3. Ooh, I hadn’t heard Michael Connelly had a new one out. I love his books – always suspenseful and compelling.

    Looks like a nice line-up!


  4. Yes, I am back this time, but to comment on the post. Is 9 Dragons his latest Bosh novel? Also, make sure you read Patrick Carman’s trilogy in order. Can’t remember which one that was, 1, 2 or 3.

    • I will have to look that up about 9 Dragons…. I do not know. I am looking into Patrick Carman’s books and think I will get all three as I hate stopping once I get started. 🙂

  5. I just checked. It’s one of his Harry Bosch novels. Although I love Michael Connelly, Bosch isn’t my favorite, but I am in the minority. Everyone else thinks Bosch rocks…lol.

    • I will check that out J Kaye, thanks. 🙂 I am unfamiliar with the Harry Bosch novels so do not think I have read one. This book sounds good, but for me books around this type of topic can either be loved or…. not so loved…. LOL

  6. i just learned that the Wisdom Hunter author is releasing a new novel. i saw it on his website, The reviews look impressive. i see he’s also releasing a children’s book

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