Weekend to Cabin…

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We are finally catching  a little break and Al and I are heading to our cabin on the North Shore for the weekend.  While I will be taking my lap top (I am like Linus and the lap top is my security blanket) I do not believe I will have access to the internet unless I actively seek it out!  That being said, you can see here that I am reading ready – even though I have a book case full of unread books at the cabin.

What I am taking with amounts to two blog tour reads for next week, a book on Minnesota, and a couple bonus books!  🙂

While I am away I still have posts prepped to come out throughout the weekend so stop by!  I have a book review, morning meanderings and more!

I will be home later Sunday to post In My Mailbox and on Monday we will tackle the CNN bookshelf!  Yeah!

What are your plans for the weekend?

♥Have a safe and happy weekend everyone! ♥


11 thoughts on “Weekend to Cabin…

  1. My plans aren’t nearly as fun as yours. I need to get caught up on blog posts, work on a couple of chapters, and get some reviews done. That’s pretty much what I do every weekend.

  2. Enjoy your books. I’m planning on a relaxing weekend, reading on my deck. I do have to fit in a few chores and hopefully make a pot of spaghetti sauce so I can have some in the freezer for quick meals.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. You inspired me here…. I really need to do that as well – prep some meals and freeze them. I get so busy I get frustrated when I havent planned dinner (like now…). i need to do a little bit of life organizing!

  3. Laura

    Oh a cabin weekend sounds SO lovely! I had big plans this weekend but have been kind of under the weather so I doubt I will do very much. I hope you have a wonderful time!

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