Author Interview with Laura Bingham (author of Alvor)

For the last couple of days you have heard me gushing about the YA fantasy I just completed.  After reading the book, I knew I wanted to know more about the author behind this amazing fantasy, Laura Bingham.  Laura and I had first connected in July when she offered me the opportunity to read her book.  I connected with her again with questions after I had finished Alvor and Laura was gracious enough to drop everything and come visit me at One Persons Journey Through a World of Books.  (Ok ok, maybe she didn’t drop everything… but she did answer my questions that I am now going to share with you.  🙂

Please welcome, Laura Bingham.

Sheila:  Hi Laura!  Thanks for stopping by today!  Pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, and lets chat awhile!  I just finished reading your book Alvor and loved it!

Laura:  Yes! So glad to hear.

Sheila:  What gave you the idea to write this style of book?

Laura:  Good question with kind of a bizarre answer. The whole story fell into my head about five minutes after I said that I’ve always wanted to write a book- but I didn’t always want to write a book. I still don’t know why I said that or why the story came to me.

Sheila:  Did you have a set audience in mind for this read when you wrote Alvor?

Laura:  I wanted to write a story that captured the elements of my favorite kids/YA books. It was meant for kids and teens, but I also wanted the story to have an element that sucked adults into it as well.

Sheila:  Is this your first book?

Laura: Yes, the first of many.

Sheila:  Well that is exciting news! I really enjoyed how you used twins, a boy (Bain) and a girl (Erin) as the main characters.  Why did you create twins for this main role in your book?

Laura:  That’s the way the story came to me. I even tried to figure out how to make the story not be about twins, but it didn’t work. It had to be twins. It helped that I have my own set of boy/girl twins and could project some of their characteristics into the story.

Sheila:  The word “Alvor” to me just speaks of mystery and fantasy… I look at the cover of your book and knew from first site that I wanted to read it.  Where did the title come from?  Does it have special meaning?

Laura:  Before I started writing, I spent a week researching the elements in the story to build a stronger foundation. That’s when I stumbled across alvor, alva and alv. They are Scandinavian words that speak of old legends. Alvor means fairy, but also the Latin root vor means truth- I couldn’t pass up such a perfect title.

Sheila:  Growing up did you have a favorite book?

Laura:  Growing up I wanted a favorite book. I read Watership Down, The Lord of the Rings books, and tons of junky books about babysitting or freaky girls- but none of them really were my favorite. It wasn’t until I graduated from college that I finally started finding books that I loved.

Sheila:  Do you have a favorite read or author now?

Laura: That’s a tough one. I admire different authors for different reasons. Some for the way they write and others for the way they broke out into the world with no fan base and a small press. I have so many favorites now that I hate listing them.

Sheila:  What is a little known fact about you?

Laura:  I spent a month touring Australia and New Zealand with a college dance team and I performed clogging, modern, jazz, ballroom and some folk dances. Most people put me in a clogging box since I own a clogging studio- but I have spent years doing other things. I coached drill team for a year, have competed in ballroom and Irish dance and have taught ballet, jazz and (swallowing hard) tap. Yes, tap. My Cloggers don’t even know that about me.

Sheila:  Wow!  Thanks for sharing that!  Without giving too much away, the ending of this book left a sense of more to come.  Is there plans for a second book?

Laura: My second book is undergoing revisions and editing right now. I love book 2. In so many ways I have liked it even more than the first one. As it stands- there will be a third book in the series as well.

Sheila:  A second and a third book?  Oh I cant wait!  That is such great news!

Thank you Laura!  Your time is appreciated and I hope that many of the readers here will go out and purchase Alvor.  I think this is an incredible read with a bright future!

Lauras website

Lauras blog

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