Eat This Not That

eat_this_not_thatThis is a great little book that I picked up on Amazon.  This book compares brands of food to find the best products for health in all categories.

I really enjoyed reading through this book and actually learned quite a bit about products that I have thought were the best choices in their category only to discover there was a better choice.  In other circumstances, the product I was using, was raved about – so kudos on making a few top selections!

I have been getting into this healthy eating more and more – trying to eat things not only that taste good, but are good for me.  It isnt a 100% and probably never will be beacuse I love to snack and while I try to make good snacking choices as well… I do have moments of total “off the program” where I just eat whatever.  (Hey, who doesn’tdo that???)

Book – excellent

A+ I have already tried some of the suggestions and loved them.  This is a book I will hang on to as a Reference Book, right up there with my copy of The Top 100 Foods.

See more on this book here

One Comment on “Eat This Not That

  1. This sounds like a good reference for making better choices in our diets – and also enjoying some of the things we love to eat! I hope to get this book eventually.

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