To Kindle or not to Kindle…

kindle-frontI am a Bookie.  Book worm, Book Geek, Reader…. whatever you want to call it – I am it.  I have been one since grade school starting with favorites like Dr. Suess, Judy Blume, moving into The Little House in the Prairie series, and beyond.

I love books.  I love the look of them.  I love the feel of them.  I decorate with them in little stacks all over my house… on coffee tables and on shelves. I keep one on my dresser to read while I fix my hair in the morning.  There is one on my night stand.  At least two books by the couch at all times and one in my car.  There is something about a book.  A whole world of information, adventure, fantasy, and knowledge in between the covers.

Then along came Kindle.  Little flat tiny Kindle.  Nothing to stack on shelves… no browsing for hours in a book store just soaking in all the variety and the great book smell.


Jodi in my book club brought one to book club a couple months ago.  She glowed with excitement and told us all about the benefits.  Small enough to carry anywhere.  You can download any book title in a touch of the pad.  No standing in check out lines, no searching and searching for hard to find titles.  Kindle will give you a definition of any word that you don’t know just by highlighting it.  You can save passages that you wish to refer back to later… Jodi had our book we chose to read on Kindle minutes after we selected it.

I, of course, fought back.  What is reading without the adventure of finding that beautiful hard cover limited addition coveted book that has been on your wish list for months?  What about the gift of giving books?  A treasure passed from one friend to another.  What about Libraries and book stores? I toured her by the arm through  my home library.  What would be on all of these shelves if the books were no longer there.  Kindle would look kind of silly sitting alone on a huge 6 foot book case.

But Kindle is out there.  I seen it this week at the YMCA.  The lady who had it was on the stationary bike just peddling away and reading.  She didn’t have to prop Kindle open or hold it open with one hand.  It just sat there on the little lip for holding magazines, sleek and clean.  I asked her what she thought of it.  She loved it, she said.  Easy to handle, great for working out or putting in your purse to go with you anywhere.

I wonder if it comes in color choices?


3 Comments on “To Kindle or not to Kindle…

  1. too funny…..i have another exciting bit about kindle….FREE BOOKS! I have a lot of them and so far all but 1 have been good.

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