The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis

Book 6… complete.  This is the first book (and I believe the only book) that none of the Pevensie children are in.  Eustace, along with a new companion named Jill Pole, is brought back to Narnia. The pair are told by Aslan they must search for King Caspian’s missing son, Prince Rillian.

While I missed the Pevensie children, it was kind of fun to see the new and improved Eustace back for another try at Narnia.  In this book., Jill is given a clear list of instruction from Aslan on how to get thngs done, but in  the process of adventure. Jill often forgets what she was told and instead does things her own way.  (How often is this true in my own life?)

While Eustance and Jill are not the strong characters like Peter, Edmund, Susan, and Lucy, C.S. instead gives us this round the Marshwiggle, Puddleglum… who is a scarecrow meets Eyore type of fellow who I would think would be delightful to the audiance these books were made for.

The children go about their search for the Prince and find yet another beautiful Queen (who turns out to be another witch like in the first book).

The ending is rather good – I can’t give it away so you’ll have to read it for yourself.  I would say that this was not my favorite of the books, but I am guessing it a necessary book to get us to where we are going…  The Last Battle….

Hmmmm... what do you think?

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