Surrender Bay by Denise Hunter

A new author for me.  Occasionally I will pick up a few light ready through  The book prices through them are fantastic.

This book was labeled as a Christian Fiction book and I was surprised as I read through the book that God was not mentioned once.  I found this to be a bit different and was curious to find out why and how this book received the genre of Christian…

At the very back of the book the author explains that she loved the way Jesus told stories.  The parables Jesus used made the listeners think for themselves and draw their own conclusions.  In His story of the prodigal son, Jesus never said, “Listen up folks – the father in the story is God and the prodigal son is you…”.  The son never had a “come to Jesus” moment; he simply returned to his Father and was welcomed home.  The author felt this book allowed us to see the familiar in a fresh and powerful way.

I have to disagree.  While I enjoyed the book (it actually reminded me a lot of the fiction book I just finished), – daughter comes back to a home town to an inheritance and a fixer upper home, family secrets, and meets someone…  Same story line.   And while I do love a good fiction read…. when I read a Christian book I like it to be a Christian book.  In this case I did not find that.

While our characters are likable, I actually liked the role of Landon ( the back up character) over the main character of Samantha.  I found Samantha to be an annoying pain that wore her past on her shoulder like a badge and played that card so often it was worn out.  Samantha’s repeated act of running to a bar or to another mans arms whenever things got to close was enough to make me scream.   She was the queen of excuses and hurt many people with her actions.

If there is a Christian message in the book it must have been about forgiveness.  I struggle when the act that is forgiven is repeated and repeated…

Anyway, in the end, it seams that alls well that ends well but it left me wondering if a person can really change that fast.  I’d love to hear other opinions on this book.

A 2 rating out of 5.

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