The Darkest Evening of the Year by Dean Koontz

The Darkest Evening of the YearAny one that has followed my readings through the years knows that I was once apon a time a huge Koontz fan.  When the kids were growing up – Dean was the author I would read.  I owned every book he had ever written and couldn’t wait for the next book to come out.

Now – after 7 years of book club I read so much more – different authors, all styles of books…that Dean has gone to the way side…. yet, once in awhile, I like to check in to see if what he is up too….

So this book has sat on my shelf for many months.  I can not even remember how it got here, but over the last week I picked it up and dove in.

I loved the story line on the golden retrievers.  Dean owned one himself and apparently by the dedication in the front of the book, their dog Trixie, had passed on.  I believe this is where his story stemmed from.

The dog part of the book – extremely well written, I like the main character Amy, her faith, and her heart.  I like all the facts about the dogs, their manners, and even learning about the dog mills – which is horrifying, yet I know it is true.

I didn’t like Moongirl and Harlow and found this part of the book as these two characters slowly intertwine with Amy – creapy.  Dean pushed the envelope a bit far this time and the whole story line about what they did to the little girl was a bit much for me.

I finished the book because I knew all would end well – and I had to know how it all became that way.  The ending that we lead up to for so long – is complete in a matter of a couple paragraphs.  That surprised me.  Not pleasantly.

Overall – not a good read.  Sorry Dean – but next time, don’t try so hard.  Your writing was fine just the way it was.  Not all of us like crude and creepy.