SON by Jack Olsen

I admit, I have always been a bit fascinated with true crime.  That – I realize feels weird to say.  How to put this… the human mind is a fascinating thing, when you add in whatever makes psychopath’s do what they do… and usually justify it – I don’t even know what to say.  ~Sheila


Disclaimer…  I see as this year starts out my reviews have been ummmm… border line murderous?  Those of you who have read my reviews (or look at my review list) know better.  I read all over the board – just for some reason as I am catching up on reviews I see I have had a series in a row of these reads – not as dark as this one I am about to share with you.. but mystery dark all the same.  I assure you, lighter stuff is on the way 🙂  There have been some re-reads for book groups I am involved in such as Left Neglected (sooooo good), The Husbands Secret (ooh!), Big Little Lies (I will talk about this discussion soon), and Turtles All The Way Down for my book club that meets tonight).  See – they are coming 😉


I believe, if I recall correctly, I found SON while choosing audio on  I do, as I mentioned, enjoy (cringes at the word) the occasional true crime and SON’s synopsis of being an old crime and then rewritten with a new forward by another author.  That caught my attention.  Why rewrite a true crime? 

SON is about a serial raper in the Spokane Washington area in the 1980’s.  Fred Coe raped more women than can be actually known over a two year period.  He was described as handsome, kind, and a down to earth attitude that would not make you think twice about him (Bundy?).  He mainly watched bus lines or jogging trails for women alone.  The crazy think IMO – was he was not that good at it and I was mostly baffled by how long it took to capture him.

What do I mean?

Well, often his face was not covered.  He threatened the women of course to not tell or he would be back, and they did not.  Often – he could not perform.  He would ask the women if they enjoyed what he was doing, using vulgar language, etc…

A newspaper offered a reward for the rapists arrest – as it turns out, Gordon Coe, the editor of the newspaper took the calls that came in about the reward, only to later find out it was Fred Coe – Gordon’s son who was the rapist.

This book (I went with audio) was way longer than it needed to be.  The narration took a bit of getting used to, a monotone style voice that was used when they described the rapes and what the women said or what Fred said, grated at me for a large part of the audio as I felt it did not fit the scene.  The book is (IMO) over detailed, dragging out way longer than it needed to be.  I mainly kept listening as I was baffled by all that was said, that it took local law enforcement so long to capture him.  I had to know what finally happened.

As true crime goes, I would not recommend this one.  As mentioned, it was too drawn out for me, and while it held my attention, it was not something I could not wait to get back to. Unless you have connection to the Spokane area or the crimes themselves, I would say pass on this.


May BAND Discussion: Non Fiction…. The Topics You Hate To Admit You Enjoy

BAND — Bloggers’ Alliance of Nonfiction Devotees — is a group organized to promote the joy of reading nonfiction. We are “advocates for nonfiction as a non-chore,” and we want you to join us. Each month, a member of BAND hosts a discussion on their blog related to nonfiction.

I was so excited when I was offered to host the May BAND topic.  I started dabbling a bit more consistently into non-fiction in early 2010 and discovered I really enjoyed it.  It seems as I get older (*insert GROAN here*)the more I find myself fascinated with true stories.

Non-fiction covers everything from memoirs, to facts about anything…bugs, wood, planes, homes, historical truths, you name it… you can read about it…


what I would like to offer up as the topic this month is what are those topics in non fiction reading, that you almost hate to say out loud that you enjoy reading about.

I have two that come to mind, one I don’t mind saying out loud… the other even disturbs me a bit.  😛 

The first is, I am fascinated with everything to do with the Titanic.  Not just now that we are on the 100th anniversary of the tragedy… but I always have been.  In a way, I feel bad about this because it is about a tragedy… but I am drawn to it… the ship, the facts, the people on board… I can not get enough about reading non fiction about this…

A Night To Remember

Titanic Survivor by Violet Jessop (on my wish list!)

The Story Of Titanic as told by Its Survivors

Voyagers Of The Titanic


The second non fiction topic that I hate to admit I like to read is true crime.  Yup.  There was a time when an Ann Rule book was the first book I read each year.  I admit, I haven’t read one in a few years now, but I am still drawn to the topic for some reason even I can’t explain.  I am oddly interested and baffled by what causes people to act in such ways.  Some of the true crime I have read in the past:

Heart Full Of Lies

The Stranger Beside Me (Ann Rule’s recap of her friendship with Ted Bundy when he worked the Crisis Hot Line with her, before he was discovered to be a serial killer)

Green River Running Red

Every Breath You Take (the first Ann Rule I ever read, about a woman whose husband would not let her go – an obsession that was so frightening that she (Sheila Blackthorn Bellush) knew he would eventually kill her and had told a friend to have Ann Rule  write her story if he did succeed in killing her).  He succeeded.


Thanks for letting me play in the BAND!  😀

Do you have any non fiction topics that you are a little reluctant to admit you enjoy reading?  It can be anything… books about ants, the human brain, bed bugs, Salem Witch Trials, Undertakers, fashion, rock star memoirs…you name it! Spill it!  😀  Feel free to write your own BAND post and link it back here. 

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