Meryl Streep Movie Club – Online (and off)

I have been meaning to post about this for a while now and life and shiny things apparently got in the way… BUT I am posting now and maybe a few of you would like to join along ans we gather speed (and people) as we go. 😀

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to read The Meryl Streep Movie Club book by Mia March and I really enjoyed it.  Actually, I was surprised and interested in the many movies Meryl has been in and found out that in fact, I had seen very few of them – most of them in the last ten years, and then mainly her comedy ones.  In fact, as I started to look into this more, I discovered that Meryl has been in over 50 movies in her career… and she is still going.

Then I won a chance to host a Hope Springs party ay my house (starring, you guessed it, Meryl Streep).  The party was a lot of fun and as I sat and chatted with my friends over a glass of wine (or two) and delicious hor duerves, this idea began to form…

what if we watched all her movies – one month at a time. 

SO….  some of the wonderful Bookies Book Club (YAY!) and some of my friends (YEAH!) will be gathering ay my home on 4th Thursdays to watch whatever movie we have randomly drawn of Meryl Streep’s.  A asked that each person bring a little movie snacky item and we hang out and watch a movie.

This first movie, randomly chosen is going to be The Deer Hunter.  We watch it this Thursday and if any of you wish to join in online that would be super cool!  We will discuss on the Friday following the movie night here at Book Journey – and we can also use the hashtag #MSMC on Twitter on Thursday and on Friday.

Oue random pick for September 27th is….

The Deer Hunter

Ok, so this late in sharing this news I will just say if you are interested feel free to rent the movie or watch it on line and hope to see you at the Movie Club!