Keep Your Friends Close by Paula Daly

Keep Your Friends Close by Paula Daly, Book Journey

Natty and Sean have a typical marriage.  Their two daughters are now teenagers, and both parents are busy working at the hotel they run together.  They are busy people but comfortable in their lives.  When their oldest daughter Felicity becomes ill on a school trip to France, Natty goes to be with her and bring her home.  Natty’s best friend Eve offers to stay with Sean and their other daughter Alice to help out at the house while Natty is away.  Natty is thankful for her friend.

But should she be?

Eve has other plans in mind.  Playing the role of the perfect “wife substitute’ she plays right into everything that Natty would not.  She cooks and cleans, catering to both Sean and Alice.

When Natty returns home with Felicity she finds that Eve has taken her spot not only in her home, but in her bed.  Shell shocked, Natty tries to make sense of how quickly her whole life has crumbled.  Every where she turns it seems that Eve is there, driving Shawn’s car, rubbing what she has done in Natty’s face.

Then Natty receives a mysterious note saying

“she has done this before.”

The note awakens Natty at a new level.  She knows she needs to find out more about her so-called friend, having no idea that the road she is about to take is a deadly one.

Wow. Wow. Wow.  What a great book!  With a synopsis like this, it is all too scary real.  Eve is a kind of crazy evil.  The pace moves along quickly (which I like), and I had to keep listening just to know what was going to happen.  It is definitely an engaging read.  I will definitely be looking for more from this author.

Natty is a great protagonist and Eve is an excellent villain.  There is no middle ground here, the line is clearly drawn and I liked that.  It was refreshing.

I listened to this on audio and Colleen Prendergast was an excellent narrator.  It seems like I keep finding these audio books lately have heavily accented narrators and I think my head needs a break for that, but that is just me.  😉

Highly recommended.

  • Audible Audio Edition
  • Listening Length: 10 hours and 22 minutes
  • Program Type: Audiobook
  • Version: Unabridged
  • Publisher: Dreamscape Media, LLC
  • Release Date: October 8, 2014


Morning Meanderings… Keep Your Friends Close. Seriously.


Thursday!  Slowly but steadily chugging along towards the weekend.  Yesterday was productive and today should be too.  I am getting a little reading in and a little more audio these days.  I am actually excited that this Saturday I have an hour and a half drive which means audio time!  That is when I get the big chunks in and I love it!

1ddCurrently I am listening to Keep Your Friends Close by Paula Daly and really enjoying it!  When Natty leaves town to be by her daughter’s side when she becomes ill on a school trip, Natty rushed to be by her side.  Thankfully Eve, Natty’s best friend offers to come and stay at the house to help with Natty’s other daughter.  Yet when Natty returns, she finds that Eve has taken to her family a little too well and her husband Shawn has fallen in love with her.  It is sooooogood!


I am reading New Uses For Old Boyfriends and while it is more of a chick lit lite read, I am liking the 20130910_185511easiness of it. When Lila Alders life implodes, she finds herself back in Black Dog Bay where she grew up.  When she finds that her mother is much in the same boat having dwindled the families fortune into the red it is up to Lila to start putting both of their lives back together.  It is fun if a familiar synopsis.



Come to think of it, if you combined the books after Natty gets done with Eve, she could take Lila’s place and continue on into the next book….lol.  Both are good in different ways but isn’t that what makes for good reading?


Today will be another good catch up day, I should get pretty caught up with projects if I stay steady.  Lots of balls in the air but I think… I got this. 😉


Reading anything good?