Morning Meanderings… Going Green and Debating Tights!


Good morning!  It is FRIDAY!!!!  I am crazy excited about that for really no reason at all except that I should have some reading time this afternoon and of course shopping to get my green on.




Tomorrow morning I am off to St Paul for The Get Lucky Annual 7k run.  I like this run, and it is my first Ortho run of the year.  The Ortho runs are nice as you usually get some serious bling, like a nice hooded sweatshirt.  Excited about that!  😀

As the weather seems like it will be a little nicer than the last three years that I have completed this run, I am thinking I may change-up my green this year.  After a coffee date this morning I am going to go and see what I can find for my “green wear”.  I have some things from previous year but hope to shake it up a little bit this year.




Above – pics from last years run.

Off to coffee…. have a wonderful start to your day everyone!