Morning Meanderings… Blogger Recommended


Good morning!  I am back… or still here.  Or something like that. 😀  The weekend was busy – good busy….

Today – briefly as the clock is a ticking…. I wanted to tell you that if you are not subscribed to Blogger Recommended you should be.  This is a monthly newsletter/email by some of the amazing book bloggers out there giving you a heads up on what is coming out in the next month and what they fell is going to be HOT HOT HOT! 

I am thrilled (SQQQUUUEEEEE) to be a part of this group and I do hope you will check it out.  I am currently working on finding ways to bring this newsletter into the libraries and book stores around the country so if you have any connections or ideas, please chat with me 😀 

In the meantime… .check out the current issue:

That’s what I have for today.  Tonight is book club and I am excited to see the Bookies and discuss, Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.  😀  

Morning Meanderings… Things I Have Recently Learned In Books


Good morning all!  At least it is morning here at the time of this typing in Central Minnesota.  We have had the heat on for a couple weeks now and as much as I dislike the cold and really do not like the upcoming snow… I am trying to embrace the season.

I have dived into some good books as of late and wanted to share what I have been learning, a few fun facts from the books.  I believe you can learn something from all books – fiction and non fiction alike.

Fascinating to me, I just recently finished listening to Dr. Sleep by Stephen King.  I had to give this one a try as this is the continuing story of The Shining.  What I learned was that Danny (the little boy in The Shining and the now grown up protagonist in Dr. Sleep was a character that stayed with King all of these years, nagging at him with the “what ever happened to him?”… 


In Anything That Moves by Dana Goodyear I learned about Kopi Luwak, the expensive coffee that is made out of Civet poop.  Mmmm hmmm…. I couldn’t make this stuff up.  I have also learned that we live in a strange STRANGE world where “extreme eating” is a thing and the more unusual the better…. I think I will pass on the cricket tacos and live octopus.  😉


In Billy Crystal’s Still Foolin ‘Em, I learned about his incredible relationship with his wife and daughters, his love for baseball, and his ritual before doing the awards shows. 


From The Mortal Instrument series (my current guilty pleasures) I have discovered I really really like the name Jace…. AND I wish I had powers like the Shadow Hunters. 😛


In other news… I have recently been added as part of the awesome Bloggers Recommended group!  This is a group of Bloggers headed by Nicole from Linus’s Blanket and Jen from Devourer Of Books.  They put out a monthly newsletter of hot titles coming out that month that great bloggers have recommended as must reads!  I am new to this and just getting my feet wet.  I submitted my first recommendation for the November edition.  You can subscribe to receive it here and you can check out the website here. 😀


What have you learned in books recently?