Anything That Moves by Dana Goodyear


We live is a crazy exciting and sometimes strange world.  In today’s day and age we find adventurists of all sorts… extreme sports, people pushing themselves to lengths they never had before, and yes – extreme eaters as well.

There is a movement of adventure eaters – the more unusual the ingredients, the more rare (even illegal), the better.  In Anything That Moves they eat live octopus, shark fin, blood coffee, foie gras, pig snout, raw goat milk…

Health benefits to eating raw and unprocessed?  The history of the food we eat?  It’s all here.



I am the person who watched Survivor or Fear Factor and when it comes to the gross food challenges (unhatched birds, grub worms, bugs, etc…) I immediately announce to the TV screen and to my husband that I am out.  As I watch the people gag on the TV I wonder why they even try to eat it when they know they can not win this one.  For the record, Al calls that he is out on all height challenges.


1aaAt points in this book I am appalled.  At other times fascinated.  Not being an extreme eater myself, I am not entirely sure if I am impressed or disgusted with extreme eating… I think both.  Dana Goodrow handles this book with facts.  She takes the reader into restaurants like Nose to Tail where they literally eat everything in between.  A party called the Weed Party where the host puts marijuana in all the dishes to his fully aware guests.  Stinkbugs with a slice of apple.  Extreme?  Indeed.  At least to me.

I enjoyed this book learning about foods that I am pretty sure I would not consider eating.  I liked learning about some of the traditions in other countries.  Anything That Movies is written with humor.  As a foodie I am glad I read it.  I now know facts that will disgust my friends.



  • Paperback: 272 pages
  • Publisher: Riverhead Trade; Reprint edition (November 4, 2014)

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