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You know this.  This page is a SPOILER PAGE.  This is for people who have already read this book only so it can be discussed with no worries about spoiling anything in the book.  If you have not read the book, please stick to my review.

Here we go.


This is one of those times I wish I had a real potty mouth to say what I really want to say here  SO… is what I want to say, cleaned up.

Holy crap – how did I not find this book sooner?  I loved it.  I loved creepy Joe which is sick, but he has Dahmer like qualities to him…..the book store manager?  Come on…. how can a book lover resist?

The man READS.

So ok…. lets talk about the book.  He steals her phone, her glasses, her bikini top, he is disgusting so what is it about this book?  It is the dialogue.  The conversations (thoughts) always happening in Joe’s head for us as readers to know what he is thinking… how he justified killing Benji (wow right…. that was a bit rough) and then later, Peach.  Ok Peach.  She was horrific.  Maybe she did not deserve to be killed but seriously the way she controlled Beck…… I wanted to smack her down.

Of course I didn’t need to.  Joe did it.  Twice.

I am curious, is it just me or was this book awesome?  Did you read it or listen to it?  I have a feeling that the narration is part of my love for this book.  It was fantastic.  It played off perfectly.  I chuckled in my kitchen while listening and belive me – it takes a lot to make me laugh out loud.

Share with me here…. did you love it?  Did you hate it?  Was Beck just stupid?  Naive? Both?  For a while there I thought she may be playing him and it would have a super creepy weird twist where she kills him in the end…. I think I like the way the author played it through.

I do wish Beck had not died in the end though.  I wish there would have a been a way for her to live or escape, that part was when we see Joe’s fierce obsession and twistedness up close.

Ok thoughts?

26 thoughts on “YOU by Caroline Kepnes SPOILER PAGE

  1. I love Joe, and I know that’s so, so wrong. 🙂 His snarky wit is awesome. I blame the narrator of YOU for me loving Joe so much. Wasn’t Santino Fontana amazing?!? I was surprised by Beck’s fate in the end, though I probably shouldn’t have been, considering! I’m listening to HIDDEN BODIES now. It was sooo great to hear Joe’s voice again…

    I’m glad to hear you enjoyed this book too!

  2. I thought this book was GREAT. I loved my love/hate relationship with Joe … it was sick how I almost rooted for him at certain points throughout the book. But to me, that shows how gifted the author is, to make me almost LIKE this awful psychopath murderer!

  3. Holy wow!! I just finished the audiobook after seeing this review and I’m speechless. What an awesome book! Like you I found myself liking Joe. It’s crazy but true. I didn’t even feel bad about Benji and Peach, how wrong is that?! I can’t wait to get to book 2 but I have 4 days until my audible renews. *cries* Thank you for pointing me to this fantastic book!

  4. Joe was a bore. Didn’t love or hate him. Beck, Peach, Benji… bore, bore, bore. I wanted to love this book but the author simply tried too hard to create a depth and quirk for each character that was, in the end ultimate parody. Too bad. The writing style was intriguing. The characters, not so much.

    1. The kid that returned the book that Joe had loned him. The Kidd wasn’t talking to Joe and when he knocked on Joes door Beck opened the door. The kid tells Beck that he was returning the book and he had it hidden in the bathroom ceiling where Joe told him to hide things

    2. It’s never really explained in the novel because all we get is joes perverted “insight” into her, which can be frustrating if you’re looking for ultimate truth. Probably she was just bored or curious, or her confusion and overwhelming emotions regarding her two relationships made her just want to escape and oh look there’s a hole over there I wonder what’s in it that makes a good distraction. Joe ends up settling on that she’s so messed up from being taken advantage of and used by the therapist that she just went crazy and climbed in the wall (what kind of girl climbs in a wall?). But we know we can’t trust him and you know what, he never bothers to ask, surprise surprise he’d rather just live his fantasy than actually talk to her. So that’s my theory

  5. Let’s be honest women aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer and the comments pretty much reflect that. Sympathy for a psychopathic killer, really girls? Scientists know when women are ovulating their level of self delusion goes even higher and they think they can reform even the worst among us. If Jack the ripper were in this modern eraI bet he works have no issue finding a date. The book was interesting and well written no doubt but it’s the reaction of the female readers that is more fascinating

    1. Right… because only girls indulge in brief escapism through this type of character… Hannibal Lecter and American Psycho “fans” are only women, now?

    2. You know what, John? I agree with you 100%. But this time I also think it goes both ways. Joe and Beck are BOTH broken, each on their own way. He’s a complete psycho and she seems to have a very noticeable hysteria (psychologically speaking, not colloquial). I found all the dynamics super interesting.

    3. John, I think your comment reflects that you are the one who is a bit “limited” with brain power here. You say women (half of humanity) are stupid, so I guess you consider yourself as very smart? Ha, talk about delusional. But hey, dumb people are happier so I guess you have that going for you? Better than nothing I guess.

    4. Intelligence and emotion are two different things. That’s why the history books are chock full of intelligent, dynamic and powerful men risking, and frequently losing, everything for a woman.

      As a superior male you should know that.

    5. Oh, my dearest John, how have you managed to unravel the female brain? Really, I find it intriguing to read your opinions on our psyches. Tell me more, intelligent sir, about who may be the sharpest knives in the drawer. Oh wait, no, this I know the answer to. The male— right? I apologize, for a second there I almost forgot. It seems my ovulating body is making me self delusional. What have I done to deserve to read the words of such a powerful, dominant man? I sure do hope you are fascinated by reading my words. If not, unfortunately I supposed my emotions will get the best of me. I am, after all, only a woman.

  6. Throught all this dialogues narrator was playing with my brain, made me think am I sick too, because the way I was looking Joe in some situations is not normal 🙊 I felt sorry for him, I thought he is only in love and he is not aware what he is capable to do. He have hundred inherent natures, and I fell in love with half of them. And I hate him because of other half. And I wanted to meet him, and I wanted to kill him. This word YOU makes me crazy, and I’m thankfull to the person who accidentally leave this book in my office.

  7. I really disliked the ending, specially how Beck ends dead. I was rooting for her all along!!

    And Joe, I find him disgusting and scary…

  8. So I’ve been watching the show. Boo me, I know, but I haven’t got time to read like I used to, but it has an eerie similarity to a book I am supposed to be reading: Lolita.

    The obsessive attitude the taking articles of clothing. The only difference is that Peach was out of the picture.
    The tv series makes me feel conflicted. Joe Goldberg is obviously a genius, but he’s literally crazy, but it takes on to know one. You realize that there’s a level of intimacy you want with a partner that Joe suddenly offers in a sadistic way. It’s the thing that people crave, but are too afraid to say.

    Not everyone gets addicted to a demonic beast that pretty much just wants to lock you up in a trophy case, but somehow that what society perpetuates and this series really brings to light the unhealthy addictive fact: When we look for love, we can’t help but think that it’s ok to be obsessive.
    But it begs the question…
    If this is unnatural where would you have drawn the line? Start comparing those “Oh so great” romance novels to this book/series. Compare the MALE characters. If you don’t see a similarity you are blatantly ignoring the signs. Edward. Christian. Joe. ANY ROMANCE THAT SEEMS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. All of them have the same type of guy.

    And by the way,
    you guys are ignoring the one right among you…


  9. The beginning of the book was fine but it got boring after a while. I didn’t like Joe, nor any of the others characters, except maybe Ethan (was fun to have his positive vibe next to Joe). Overall I don’t get why some people are rooting for Joe. He is not smart (I mean, at least if he planned perfect murders, but no, he just kills and then is lucky not to be caught) , he is very whiny and criticize others constantly. And what, the bad man kills an helpless woman and this is supposed to be a twist? I just want to forget about this book.

    1. I agree! There was no TWIST at all!!! The twist is the most predictable and stereotypical ending ever to have existedin my opinion. I thought half way through that beck was perhaps playing with Joe and this was going to turn into a crazytwist. I liked the book but the ending was utter shite and I truly expected ever so much more. Disappointed in an under statement.

  10. It is scary that people sympathize with Joe. He is the WORST of humanity. He kills innocent people at least Dexter which this slightly rips off only killed killers. This reminds me of those people who were in love with Ted Bundy I mean wtf? I really don’t get the point of writing a book like this. Is it to show there is something wrong with some of the people reading the book if that is the point then it worked. This is horrific. I mean let’s say the kid wasn’t going along with him then he would have to kill the kid too – would people still love him then? This shows how screwed up many people are in our society to love this guy. Beck as completely innocent. So was the Doctor. So was Peach. Even Benji didn’t really kill anyone. This is along the lines of someone writing a book about Hitler and a good writer like Kepnes I am sure could make him out to be charming and misunderstood; or what about a child murderer etc.
    There is something seriously wrong with a lot of people out there I wonder if they are sociopaths too like Joe or are they even worse totally supporting and into a sociopath despite not being sociopaths.

  11. I agree! There was no TWIST at all!!! The twist is the most predictable and stereotypical ending ever to have existedin my opinion. I thought half way through that beck was perhaps playing with Joe and this was going to turn into a crazytwist. I liked the book but the ending was utter shite and I truly expected ever so much more. Disappointed in an under statement.

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