“Spoiler Page” Pandemonium by Laurel Oliver

STOP.  This page is a SPOILER PAGE for the book Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver.  Do not proceed if you have not read this book.

Ok.  It has been nearly a year since I have read Delirium so I may be a bit rusty on how it all ended but I have to say I was surprised that Alex did not make it (yes, I know about later… but I mean in the beginning).  I remember he was wounded but I thought it was a bold move, and probably brilliant of Lauren Oliver to put Lena on the other side alone and knowing no one.  PLUS of course if opened up the door to further spreading of the disease…LOL, yeah, I mean the “L” word. 

I loved the book I really did but think I found a glitch in it… then again I think it cant be a glitch as it is too easy a one but apparently I need someone to tell me where this happened and why I have it wrong, as I must have it wrong…

Anyhoo…. so Lena gets to the Wilds and learns quickly that they live by bare minimum standards and that means no silverware.  Then there is a shipment of supplies and everyone oohs and ahs as things come out of the boxes, I recall no mention of silverware…  then we get to where Lena hauls water and she is exhausted and famished and the book says “she could barely hang on to her fork”….  I had a head ache today so did not have the patience to flip back through and see when the silverware arrived bu maybe you could tell me.  😀

I am hoping in the third book they tie the two-story lines together as I (we) still don’t know how Lena got  from the Wilds with Tack and Raven and living in New York.  As I write this I wonder if in the third book it will flash back to what Alex has been doing all this time and tell his side because seriously….

HELLO….. I did not see that coming.  AND while it is a super cool ending…. I am a little annoyed as I really like Lena and Julian together… AND if Raven knew… well that makes me mad too…and anxious. 

Ok your thoughts… loved it, hated it, tell all here 😀

76 thoughts on ““Spoiler Page” Pandemonium by Laurel Oliver

  1. So I guess I didn’t notice the silverware. I read this last year in a hurry because it was part of an ARC tour so I had limited time with it.

    I liked Lena and Julian too and I was really impressed with Delirium when it seemed that Lauren Oliver had killed off the love interest. Sadly as I read Pandemonium I started to get this sinking feeling and sure enough like a soap opera, Alex was still alive after Lena had started to move on. I do like his character but I just hate love triangles. I feel like maybe Lena and Julian got to know each other better. Hmm maybe Alex will end up with Raven. Oh, well. Thankfully there is more to the series than romance.

    1. Yeah, the book said she was shoveling it in with a fork….

      I am a little bummed Alex is back too as now we have a threesome and while that will make the next book interesting… it also reminds me of other popular YA reads.

      Hmmmm… Alex and Raven? 🙂

      Oh… and I hated that Blue died….

  2. I do not recall a mention of cutlery arriving in the shipment either. Another YA love triangle…it happens so often in YA fiction, it seems. I had a feeling we hadn’t seen the last of Alex but I was surprised at how he was re-introduced to the story. Could you believe Julian’s father could be so cold as to sacrifice his own son’s life? But then again, there is no love in their society. It makes you hate him that much more and be ever so glad his life was terminated. Blue’s death was sad but her life was a miracle and that was a heartwarming storyline.

    Pandemonium was a good read and I do hope Requiem ties the story all together. I am hoping for a happy ending but am doubtful considering the definition of the word requiem. Another year to wait. Will anyone re-read the first two before reading the last?

    1. I dont know why I didnt think Ale would pop up again…. I just didnt 🙂

      I did not know the title of the third book either… interesting! I just loaned our Delirium and Pandemonium to a friend tonight… I hope she enjoys them!

  3. I’m sure the appearance of the fork was an accident, because I remember the part where everybody is eating with their fingers, and it’s made such a big deal of.

    I didn’t see the Alex thing coming either, and I was actually disappointed that the author went that way because it sets up a “Team boy A” vs. “Team boy B” storyline for the last book, and that just seems to be so trendy right now, and I hate it when authors follow a trend just because it’s a popular thing to do (and/or might sell more books). I’m not saying that that’s the reason the book went that direction, but I have to admit that it made me suspicious.

    I love the way this author writes, keeping me on the edge of my seat throughout the story. I have to say that despite any issues I’ve had with storylines I really do love her style. But the love triangle creation at the end made me throw my hands up in disgust. I just am so, so very tired of YA love triangles.

    I’m glad you did this spoiler post, because I’ve been dying to talk about this with someone who’s read the book! 🙂

    1. LOL Alyce – I have been wanting to talk about it too! Yes, the triangle romance thing has been over done (why do I keep thinking Twilight?) and while I think the third book will be good – I think it may have been better just keeping it strong with Alex and Julian and what ever happens next. I wish she (Lauren Oliver) would have stuck with Alex being dead.

  4. It is not a love triangle. According to what Lauren Oliver stated a while a go in an interview after ‘Pandemonium’ was published, she said that there was no competition. Apparently, Lena already knows who she is going to stay with — Alex’s return or Julian in her life is not going to change her. Of course this is just MY interpretation of her words.

  5. I love this series! I completely adored the first book and the second as well. I am team Alex, but I do love Julian. I felt my heart stopped at the end of pandemonium for a moment.
    I can’t help but put myself into alex’s position. He is so hurt and still in love with her! The whole triangle is going to be heart wrenching in the end!

    1. I had a feeling he would still be alive…I just couldn’t seem to shake the feeling that she wouldn’t kill off such a major character from the first book (especially since he’s the reason she is where she is) and right when raven mentioned an escape I knew it was Alex. I completely team Alex too! But I have this bad feeling that shell end up with jullian

      1. I think what annoyed me the most was that Lena just assumed that he’d died. I mean, hello?! She thought her mom was dead for 12 years, so you’d think she’d have a little more hope that the person who saved her from a lifetime of mudane, vapid living was still alive! Goodness! It made me dislike Lena a bit, although ultimately I blame Raven for it – she’s the one who’s always talking about ignoring the past and stupid crap like that. The past is what made Lena! Anyways, I just bought Requiem over the weekend and I think I might burn the entire book series if Lena ends up with Alex. Yeah, Alex was her first brush with love, so she hasn’t had much other choice, blah blah blah. But still! If you think about it, there wouldn’t be a Julian without Alex, so I don’t even really care about anything in Requiem except seeing Alex and Lena together. And I hate Raven, with a burning passion. She was such a hard, almost cruel character at the beginning of the book, and then the stupid woman tries to act all nice to Lena at the end, helping her save Julian, and really going against her entire character. And, I would just like to point out that it’s Raven’s fault that Lena is doubting her love for Alex and swooning for Julian. I blame Raven for everything! Ugh, annoying woman…. Well there’s my mini rant 😛

    2. I had a feeling he would still be alive…I just couldn’t seem to shake the feeling that she wouldn’t kill off such a major character from the first book (especially since he’s the reason she is where she is) and right when raven mentioned an escape I knew it was Alex. I am completely team Alex too! But I have this bad feeling that shell end up with Julian 😦 and it makes me feel really bad for Alex because he went thru so much for her ( ya not her fault she couldn’t know he was alive but it’s still really sad)

  6. im with kara, i LOVE alex he faught for her to get to the other side, to be free, he rescued her gets tortured for her, and escapes to get back to her and she has fallen in love with someone else! not her fault i know she thought he was dead but still super unsetteling.

  7. I read your review 2 nights ago after I finished reading “Delirium”. I specifically searched out a spoiler because I was too impatient to know what happened in the sequel. After I learned that Alex was only in the very last page of the book, I was like “Screw that! I’m not going to even bother with that book!”

    I am SO glad I changed my mind this morning, bought “Pandemonium” around noon, and was done with it by 8 pm! It was better than the first!

    I actually like the love triangle in this series. She clearly loves them both. She (Lena) has established connections and common ground. I like both boys and don’t care who she picks; I just hope the author doesn’t kill off brain-tumored Julian and make the decision for Lena by default. Total cop out, you know?

  8. She HAS, HAS to choose Alex!!! He showed her the real world, did everything possible to make her happy and, most importantly, sacrificed himself for her! What more can she want?! 😀

    1. Which is why she shouldn’t stay with him – I love Alex and all but I find it hard to get past the part where she loved him by default – it was her first “taste” of love. She began to love Julian after she knew what love was, her feelings for Alex seemed more like “puppy love”. Then again, one could argue that she only fell for Julian because she was already heart-broken and needed some one to help her move on. If her love for Alex was true though I think she would immediately know to go back to him. Honestly – I don’t know if I’m team Alex or Julian, I kind of wanted her with Tack. Am I the only one? There’s something so redeeming about Tack, even though Raven seemed to want him. The way he was sweet to her, even though he’s a jerk is my bread and butter though. Maybe I’m the only one who saw this as even an option (probably) but I picked up on hints that may not have even been there.

  9. I know, Jullian is nice, too, but still… Alex is perfect. Different people, different tastes. 😀

  10. omg…. I read the first book. and thought I was going to die! I loved alex SO much!!! but it was a brilliant plot bringing julian into it.. but I have to say I was pretty sure alex would come back into it. but the whole love triangle thing I have to say is getting REALLY boring. thats all that is any teen books nowdays! I also think that Lauren Oliver will take this book in the direciton of Peeta in the hunger games .. changed, tortured, and hard. but still… he gave EVRYTHING for lena… she HAS TO CHOOSE HIM!!!!! XD

  11. I kpet thinking Alex was going to turn up, that he couldn’t really be dead, but I tend to think the best of things so I figured it was me trying to avoid reality. I know she felt she knew Alex well, but with being apart for so long and finally opening herself up to loving someone else, i felt like the timing just wasn’t right. i also didn’t like that her mother didn’t let her know in any way that she was her mom. Wouldn’t you think after all those years and how she felt about her children and life that she would have wanted to at least connect with her daughter again? I also wondered why those in the Wilds would even bother going up north at all if winter was always going to come and make traveling treachous. Why not stay somewhere more temperate in the south? Will the borders really keep expanding outward and take over the wild? How was love decided to be the deliria that was ruining society and what is the rest of the world doing? Coudl those from the wild simply relocate to another place like Mexico or Canada kind of like draft dodgers?

  12. I agree with everyone – the love triangle thing is waaaay overrated. In my opinion, Alex is perfect. Julian seems kind of iffy to me, you know? And it seems the most logical – Alex gave everything for Lena. Or maybe Lauren Oliver is one of those authors that is going to write Julian as her Lena’s choice and reason that it’s because Alex was Lena’s first love or something. I cried for Alex but Julian’s scence with the tum

  13. OMG me and my friend are both reading them, we read the first one and we were both IN LOVE ❤ with Alex and then the end we were shouting at the page because he should have gone over there with her 😦
    Then we read Pandemonium and i prefered the NOW bits to the THEN's.
    it was sad when Blue dies – my friend cried
    BUT by the end when it comes apparent about Julian and she loves him now its really cute but then Alex is there and the last page!!!!!!!!!! She promises to stay with Julian but then Ale says 'dont believe her'
    I hated how it ended but I LOVEEEEEEE JULIAN but my friend loves Alex – dont know who she's gonna pick
    (Julian is sooooooo cute though! 😉 )

  14. I found out about Delirium like 4 or 5 days ago. I read it and I completely fell in love with Alex and Lena how he showed her to love and at the end he sacrifice his life for her. which broke my heart to pieces .. Then I read Delirium as soon as I finished the first book and I loved how it shows how Lena survived The Wilds blah blah etc etc. I gotta say I did NOT expect at all the ending…. It broke my heart! after she moved on..He’s back! …I’m definitely TEAM ALEX. Of course. He’s hurt.. he’s probably been tortured in that cell and maybe escape with that hope of finding her. and then when he sees her. she’s w. other dude?.. I would fell awful… But who knows who she’ll choose.

  15. Im going to be so upset if she doesn’t choose Alex. If her love for him can be put aside for her love for Julian, it wasn’t true love to begin with. In which case I’m a little less upset. If it was real love, there would be no question that Alex was the one. If theres a question, it wasnt real.

  16. I loved Alex too!!! I feel like he was a better fit for her and I fell in love with him in the first book! I agree that the second book was way better written, but I never got the whole “Lena and Julian” relationship seeing as he judged her right away when she told him the truth. But I’m excited to see what happens in the next book and how Lena will react to this new situation. I felt really bad for her though seeing as she had finally moved on past her guilt for Alex’s death and their unfortunately bad ending to true love when he just shows up and is a completely different person. 😦

    1. But you have to remember that Lena judged Alex in the first book when he told her the truth about himself. It’s the same story over again…Lena fell in love with Alex because he saved her and showed her the truth and then Julian falls in love with Lena because she saved him and showed him the truth. So I guess alex is the only one with real unbiased feelings because he fell in love with Lena for just being herself.

  17. I def love Alex too and cant wait to see whats going to happen (cause I just want them together!). I love Julian, but Alex is the guy that gave everything for her! I just cant forget what she said at one point something along the lines that she feels more comfortable with Julian than she did with Alex. I was like what?! why?! Any thoughts?

  18. i have only read the first one. and i dont even feel like im gonna like the next one but i got it today so im going to read it i feel if theres another boy thats gonna be involed in lena’s life then im hate him. i really loved her and alex together. #teamalex but, i read the last page of the book. and he is alive.. i bealive i hope! gosh i love them he is her first and so yeah i mean he resuces her from getting caught at the party. so i thought he should stick. whens the next book coming out? and i do agree he was a main character in the first book and i cant bealive he anit in the second one. ugh.. kill me im 14. btw and i love to read. 🙂 #notanerd;)

    1. i would like to say that the hunger games trioligy and the delerium trioligy have A LOT in common. I kinda have this subconscious thought that the delerium trio is pretty much based of of the HG books

  19. urgh this is crazy! i havent read pandemonium yet but i am seriously confused now, who is this julian person? just read delirium a few days ago and have been scouring libraries for the next book but a love triangle, really? they are so damn common these days, and still just as annoying.
    but i wish she would just stay with alex, seeing as he was the one who had done so much for her, fought for her, endured torture for her and loved her.
    TEAM ALEX!!! ❤

  20. heyy everyone just wanted to let you know that i just finished reading delirium and was soooo sad now that im hearing that lena is falling for another guy after what alex did for her i thik she is either cold blooded or just plain stupid!

  21. and i really don’t want to read pandemonium now that iv’e heard that Alex isn’t in it till the last page in my opinion it really bugs me that she moved on so fast!

  22. I LOVE ALEX! how could you guys not want him back? I cried so hard when he “died” i’m SO happy that he’s coming back!

  23. NOOO alex and Lena where ment to be together! They where the first two lovers and they should stick together forever! Alex loves Lena and Lena loves him! She tried to escape the stinking boarder to b with him! And he was about to give up his life for her! If that doesn’t say true love idk what does. A+L NOT L+J!

  24. I kind of felt like Lena moved on with Julian too fast, I know she had time to accept Alex’s death but her and Julian didn’t spend much time together before she decides to move forward with him, if I recall correctly they weren’t stuck underground and in the safe house for much time-I don’t know was it around a couple of weeks all together? It’s been a while since I read it so I could be wrong about that. I would love for Lena to go back to Alex, but he may be a completely different person now after what he’s endured (we don’t know the details yet, but we all know it wasn’t pretty). I read Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver and the ending wasn’t the “happily ever after” type so I wouldn’t be surprised if she takes that road with these characters. Regardless of the choice she makes, these books are a great read and are definitely one of my favorite YA series. Can’t wait for the next installment!!

  25. I just finished Panedemonium. I was NOT HAPPY at the end of Delirium when Alex did not make it and now he is back! Who knows…he may not be the same Alex we first met and fell in love with. Pandemonium was more action packed than Delirium and actually reminded me of The Hunger Games and Divergent. The only problem is…I hate to have to wait to see what happens next!.

  26. I’ve just recently finished Panedemonium and i can’t believe it! Like when Alex walks in when Lena is talking to Julian and she is like “i’m never gonna leave you” and Alex is like “Don’t believe her” I felt so bad for Alex like he was the one who showed her true love and she didn’t know how to love before she met him, I understand that she was just getting over Alex’s death but i think the her and Julian thing happened all too fast. In Requim I really hope she chooses Alex, after all he has been through to find her and then when he does he finds Lena telling some guy that she is never gonna leave him, like wow, how would you feel? I like Julian and i think he is nice and all and I know she really does love him but she also loves Alex and I just don’t think Julian loves her as much as Alex does considering all he has been through trying to get to Lena, i know Julian had a hard life having brain tumor and all and he looks like he turns out like pretty well and is really sweet but i really really want Lena to choose Alex!

    1. Hi I just finished both books and I completly agree with some of you guys ALEX SHOULD STAY WITH LENA like what’s the whole sence of him coming bach then?? I also agree with you :lena fall enloved with julian way to fast!And yes I’m bored with the whole love traingle …Im team Alex all the way but I have a bad feeling that this wil turn out being just like “the hunger games”triangle in my opinion Alex is Gale he’s strong and hes lena’s first love and Julian is just like Peeta!!I think Lauren will make Alex beung totally crazy and mad so Lena finds out that alex was jus her first love and that Julian is her”one and only”I dont want this to hapen but still I have a bad feeling it would be grat if Lena stays with Alex!!!he’s great!!I totally love him!!<3<3<3<3<3

  27. I’m flipping out!!!!!!! I just finished the book and talk about a cliffhanger. I feel really bad for Alex! 😦 That was so sad how he was like “Don’t believe her.” I think i’m team Alex. Personally after reading the book though, as much as I want her to pick Alex, I think she’ll pick Julian because when they were together she said she felt more comfort with him then even with Alex.So this is what it felt like to be team Gale. But now that i’m typing this i’m definitely team Alex because he practically died for her and he was so cute in the first book… I especially love the scene at the first illegal concert where he asks her to meet him tomorrow.<3 So, Lauren Oliver you are EVILLLL!!! In an amazing and halfway enjoyable type of thing. Wow what a series can't wait for Requiem. Literally i'm waiting for like 10 different sequal/triad to come out. March fifth come faster.

  28. I don’t like Julian.. It seems to me like I got too attatched to Alex in Delirium. I deff hope that Lena goes back with Alex. Although I can imagine her saying that Alex was just a “thing of the past…”

  29. Love, love, LOVED both books! Here’s my opinion- Julian is just a little rich boy. He and Lena come from very different places. I hope Lena and Alex end up together and that somehow Alex helped Hana avoid the cure and escape too. Then she can be with Julian since they would have more in common. I mean, he’s a nice guy and all, just not right for Lena! 😀

  30. Ahh so I know this is an old post but I just found it 🙂 so when she finds out they live on bare minimum there are no forks but they get wooden cutlery aka the wooden fork 🙂 and I am soooo friggin happy Alex is back!!! I spent the whole time hoping he didn’t really die! (World is complete!) 🙂

  31. . Just saying: I hate that Alex is alive! He should be dead!! I loved the end in Delirium where Alex dies and Lena run away alone. The same thing I think about Lena’s mother. It is so cliché that both of them, Annabel and Alex is alive and survive. At least ONE of them should be dead. Books like this annoys me so bad. I am not going to read the last one.

  32. Yes… I have know idea how she got into New York and why was it going every other chapter with the wilds? (New York and Julian, wilds and raven, New York and Julian, etc) i did not understand that. However it was an amazing book but I am on team Julian so i was SO MAD when Alex came back at the end. I wish he was dead! But loved the book, can’t wait to read Requiem!

    1. Alex should not have died and It made sense to me that it was going back and forth to help you understand and so you could know what happened and her struggle and how she knew who the Scavengers were. Mind you I’m only 12.

  33. I just finished reading the book and it was a glitch or just a very confusing metaphor. There was clearly no silverware in supplies or the homestead! So I’m guessing it was a metaphor to show her lack of energy.😃

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  35. I do not like Julian. It seems to me like I got too absorbed to Alex in Delirium. I def achievement that Lena goes aback with Alex. Although I can brainstorm her adage that Alex was just a affair of the past.

  36. idk what side to choose??!! i mean they both treat lena with respect and she loves both of them. i mean the love triangle is cute and everything but i hate that she will break one of their hearts. 😦


  38. At first, when I sneak peek… I do really hate Julian ’cause I am TEAM ALEX!!!HIHIHI but as the story go on… it made me feel stupid for hating Julian because he really have good heart. But still I’m team Alex…

  39. Omfg I am so absolutely PISSED!!! How can Lena fall in love with someone else after only a short period of time after Alex’s maybe death!? How does she know he is truly dead but then again I guess she can’t really sit around and wait for him all this time but seriously?! I just can’t help but be mad at the whole situation. I really hope he isn’t dead I really really really do. I’m going to even more upset if he is and this series is frustrating!

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