Spoiler Page: Inferno by Dan Brown


STOP.  This is a Spoiler page for Inferno by Dan Brown.  This page is 100% let it all be discussed spoilers spoilers and more spoilers galore.  This page is for those of us who have read Inferno and wish to talk about it freely.  If you have not read Inferno, I invite you to read my review of it.

Ok – you have been warned. 😀  Here we go. 

Holy crap.

Inferno for me was so fascinating and at the say time, I have to look at this idea of controlling earths population as one that is indeed something to think about.  Yes, I said that out loud.  😯  I am not saying I am for it… I am saying that what they discuss in the book about how plague and disease is not what will wipe out the human race but instead our own over population will eventually take us out.

Holy crap.

Of course, as I think about it.  The world is FAT.  Population fat.  The statistics in the book of how fast our population grows is seriously something to think about.  All of us people being born and growing and eating and using the worlds resources by creating garbage and waste and needing food and …. the amount of people vs. the amount of chickens, cattle, pigs being raised for slaughter…

ugh.. thats another topic.

We have friends that had read something about this late last year – about the worlds population and that we will come to a point where there will not be enough meat to go around.  At the beginning of this year, their family of 6 went 100% vegan.  Meat free. Just like that.  True story.  It is stuff like that, that causes me pause when I listened to Dan Brown’s fictitious story about what in truth, is a real problem…. 

So, all that said, what did you think?  Were you able to read/ listen to Inferno and look at it as just a well written story?

Did the book make you think?

Did the book make you angry?

Were you fascinated to hear about Dante’s Inferno and now you want to read it if you have not already?

Perhaps you thought is was all a bunch of bull and you wanted to take it to the nearest paper recycling because you are green and that’s how you roll?  😀

Whatever you thought – whatever stood out for you in this book…. please share it here.  Let’s get this conversation rolling!

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