Spoiler Page for The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

This is a spoiler page for The Lovely Bones.  Please do not read any further unless you have read the book, listened to the audio or seen the movie.  This is an area where those of us who have experienced this can share our thoughts or rants.  😀

Since I just seen the movie that is where I want to start.  Did you just love it?  I thought they made Suzie’s Heaven incredible – I loved the scenes where she is dancing around and enjoying all the things – that was pretty awesome.

I totally cried when they showed the floating ships in a bottle and then they were breaking as she yelled for her dad to stop.  That was brilliant!

There were so many things I liked about the movie, and it has been so long since I read the book I am going to need your help on that part.  For instance, did the book and movie end the same?  I thought they found her bones in the book – but I don’t recall for sure.  I may need to go see if I can find my copy and refresh my memory.

How do you feel the book compared to the movie?  I was impressed by the movie – but can’t remember the book too well so not sure how true it stays to the book.

The ending of the movie when all the people that Mr. Harvey had killed came forward, that really messed me up.  I though of all the missing people out there that we do not know what happened to them.  It was actually well done to bring them all together in the end.

Movie again – what did you think about the ending?  More specific, what did you think about the ending of Mr. Harvey?

On one hand I wish they would have opened the safe and found Suzie – but I guess on the other hand, why give the family even more to haunt them?  Thoughts on this?

8 thoughts on “Spoiler Page for The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

  1. good, no one else has responded! from the summary i had read, i know this is not going to be a happy book and i am going to see this from her side. what you have said here, does give me things to think about as i read it.

    1. I dont know why it touched me so but I really liked it Laughinstars66. It could have bee the imagery – I really liked that.

      I thought Mr (whatever his name was) was creepy!

  2. I loved the book and movie, too. I only wished some someone would of been able to trace Mr Harvey’s tracks and find out he dumped something in the sink hole. I so wanted closure for the family. And I loved that the ending was the same as the book. Mr Harvey got what he deserved and the movie portrayed it perfectly, it gave me chills!

  3. I found the movie hollow too, albeit soooo beautiful. The book I felt had an element of forgiveness and overcoming, a difficult thing for a book on this subject of course. In the movie, the ice seemed to be a bit of a revenge thing. In the book, I didn’t think she caused it to happen, so it didn’t really seem the same to me…. I don’t know. I was disappointed.

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