Spoiler Page for Gone Girl Movie


Ok, the movie Gone Girl has been out for weeks now.  My spoiler page for the book is starting to pick up traffic regarding the movie which is excellent… unless you have not seen the movie yet and want to discuss the book.  SO – here it is.  The spoiler page for the Gone Girl Movie.  This discussion page is for those who have seen the movie and want to talk about it.  You may or may not have read the book, if you have, you may also chat about book/movie comparisons here.

As I mention in my book vs. movie post – here are two big differences that I seen from the book to the movie that I felt could have easily been better played out:


1.  Nick’s dad, and when found wandering around from his retirement home in the book is quite verbal about his negative feelings towards Amy, thus giving you the impression that he may be involved in her disappearance.  In the movie, while the dad is found wandering away from his home, shows no emotion about Amy one way or another… this making his appearance in the movie feel a little useless.

2.  In the book, it is explained well how Amy’s parents have used her for the books her mom wrote, Amazing Amy and you fully understand the pressures that Amy had on her to live up to an animated character of herself.  While the movie mentions these pressures a little… I am not sure if it is enough for the watcher to get the full picture of what that type of perfection caused.


Alright people – game on!  Comment away 🙂

One thought on “Spoiler Page for Gone Girl Movie

  1. One peculiar thing about the Blu-Ray release is that it comes bundled with an “Amazing Amy” picture book, fully illustrated with a complete story inside. Someone did a reading of it on YouTube here:

    It is quite well done. There’s a lot of creepy meta subtext that fans of “Gone Girl” will get, but it nails the style of the more cloyingly moralistic 1980s children’s books so well that anyone who read this unfamiliar with “Gone Girl” might be fooled into thinking it’s the real deal. Also, the artwork is really cute and distinctive.

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